From Friday 25th April 2008 the Mag Factory will be slashing 50% off the movie Optimistic probably the best movie from the 07/08.

Film supremo's Absinthe Films have surpassed themselves with this effort, highlighting the best in the business and what they do best.

Romain de Marchi, Danny Davis, Gigi Ruf, JP Solberg and MFM join many more including a Noboard powder section from Transworld rider of the year Wolle Nyvelt, A pretty much grabless section from Nico Mueller and Mikey Leblanc showing he can just about ride anything with his insane toboggan section. It would be worth it at 40 quid, but a tenner???

Come Friday you need to get one while stocks last

Rider: Jonaven Morre  /  Photographer: Jeff Patterson  /  Location: Revelstoke, Canada