Rider: Jonaven Morre  /  Photographer: Jeff Patterson  /  Location: Revelstoke, Canada

Issue 83 brings the first pull out front cover of Whitelines. Not only that but it is jam packed with word filled treats, including a countdown of the greatest UK snowboarders of all time and an interview with Forum's all terrain ripper John Jackson. We also hail the return of the annual Whitelines slideshow, celebrate the career of snowboarding oddball Travis Parker and report on the most progressive indoor park yet seen on these shores - the Nike 6.0 Primary Colours. All this AND we get some tips on doing backflips and frontflips with Tyler Chorlton (number 5 on our all time list, in case you were wondering. You'll have to buy the mag to see who came top...).

Whitelines Issue 83 is on the shelves now.