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So spring is creeping up fast (it has a habit of doing that!) and the time has come to shout about our special Spring Issue. What's special about it, we hear you cry? Well, read on and you'll find out!

Trick Tips DVD

School Volume One DVD - Trick Tips with the Pros

Spring is a time for hitting up the parks and getting that trick that's been eluding you all season well and truly dialled. And what better way to learn than with an instructional video from the best British pros in the business? This exclusive Whitelines DVD, which you'll find on the cover of this issue, has Tyler Chorlton, Gary Greenshields, Scott McMorris, Jamie Nicholls, Sam Cullum and others spilling the beans on the best tricks from straight airs to cab fives.

Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line - The relationship between Snowboarding and Skating

While the end of the Northern Hemisphere season undoubtedly sucks, many of us console ourselves by taking to our skateboards in summer. With that time of year approaching, we thought it was high time we had a good look at what our sport shares with its close cousin, skateboarding.

New Zealand's Private Stash

Join the Club - Travelling in search of New Zealand's secret stash

Of course, the other thing a lot of people console themselves with at the end of a season is a trip Down Under, where the wintery wondrousness is just beginning! Ed took a trip to the land of the long white cloud recently, returning with tales of crazy critters, secret spots, and awesome powder in New Zealand's private club fields.

JP Solberg

JP Solberg - Falling on Your Feet

JP has had a hell of a season so far, with a banger of a part in Absinthe, and kicker sessions like this one burnishing his already incredible reputation. When we caught up with him he gave us one of the most forthright interviews of the year, dishing the dirt on his departure from Burton, getting excited about his new company, Yes Snowboards, and saying "dude". A lot.


• The Roxy Team rides a Russian Volcano

• The lowdown on Jenny Jones' second X-Games Gold

• Devun Walsh and Lauri Heiskari team up to teach you how to ride the park

• David Benedek interviews JP Walker

• Win a Lib Tech Travis Rice board

So go on, get yourself down the newsagent and grab yourself a copy. Feed that stoke! You know you want to...