Cold, isn't it? That can only mean one thing - winter is well and truly here! And we're celebrating with what might be the gnarliest cover in Whitelines history.

Victor Daviet had a narrow escape on his first ever line in Alaska, when the whole face slid after only three turns. After that point, snowboarding took a back seat to just plain surviving. It may not have been much of a run, but now Victor has one hell of a story to tell. And that got us thinking...

How Does It Feel...?


We rounded up some of the biggest names in the sport - including Iouri Podlatchikov, Dan Brisse, Jenny Jones, Billy Morgan and Gigi Rüf - to talk us through some of the top 'WTF' moments in their careers. They cover both the rough (getting buried in an avalanche, run-ins with cops at street spots) and the smooth (landing triple corks, getting a cover shot). Oh, and if you've ever wondered what it's really like to party with Halldor Helgason, you're in for a treat...

Red Mountain - Whitelines searches for hidden treasure in BC


Hearing good things about one of Canada's lesser-known hills, we linked up with the WhatWeWant crew - Tyler Chorlton, Gerome Mathieu, Valérian Ducourtil and Martin Gallant - and made tracks for Red Mountain.

Parked Up - Route One riders


The guys in the Route One team love a challenge - why else would they have hopped trains across Russia on a handrail mission? This season they piled into a campervan and scoured Europe's most unpronounceable resorts in search of the perfect park.



In what must be the most star-studded UK tour in recent memory, CAPiTA shipped some of its big guns off to Blighty's domes and dry slopes. Brandon Cocard, Dustin Craven, Phil Jacques and Scott Stevens brought their A-game to every session, but the Brits more than held their own.


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