Wahoo! It is with great pride that we can finally show you a preview of the first proper WL issue of the 2014/15 winter, featuring none other than Wolle Nyvelt on the cover shot by Perly.

As the cold sets in why not grab a copy off the shelves, still warm from the printers, and settle in to some of the great features we have lined up for you this month:

Homecoming - On Tour With Jamie Nicholls


Now he's an Olympic superstar and all, Jamie landed himself a TV special with Sky Sports: here's what happened behind the scenes on 'Billy Big Balls'' tour of the UK...

Mount Hoodlums - Vans UK in Oregon


WL accompanied the UK Vans team to the fabled Mt Hood this summer see what all the fuss is about: flooded toilets, Stockholm Syndrome and sandwich boxes of weed apparently...

Plant Life - The Pat Moore Interview


With the imminent release of his new Volcom film, Mr Plant, WL caught up with Pat Moore to get the low down on how he's flown so high.

Riding High - Jeremy Jones in Nepal

WL115_HimalayasHigher_edit pull quote used twice.indd

Jeremy Jones. Nepal. Epic shit.

Plus new regular features!

Stance - Pitting industry heads one-on-one on fiery debate topics

Talking Shop - Chatting to retailers about their shop, the industry and new gear

Community - Altruistic organisations within snowboarding

My Best Shot - Top British pros discuss their favourite pic of themselves

All in all, this is an issue - and a season - we're frothing over. Get a copy, get reading!