Yes, the bible is back! This year's Whitelines Snowboard Buyers' Guide gives you everything you need to buy your new kit this season...and nothing you don't. It's not only packed with board reviews written by people who've actually ridden the boards, but also with useful info on how to choose the right length and flex for you. Here's a little of what this year's Buyers' Guide has to offer:

250+ Boards and 150+ Boots and Bindings Tested

Our testers cut through the manufacturers' bullsh*t to give you the real lowdown on what's in the shops.

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Length calculators & flow charts

Our handy length calculators give you an idea of what size board is right for you. Our flow charts tell you which of our clearly-labeled sections you should be looking in for your new board, depending on your riding style.

The A to Z of board brands

Where each snowboard maker has come from, and what they're all about.

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The Rocker Revolution

Are reverse camber boards all they're cut out to be and will the rocker revolution help you? We look at the latest step-up in snowboard design.

How to sticker your stick

We give you some handy hints and tips on how to make your new board look good, and tell you how to use these downloadable stencils.

Behind the scenes on snowboard design

We watch a limited edition Ride snowboard being built from scratch, so you can see what makes your stick tick. You can win this one-of-a-kind board here.

Outerwear and how to wear it

We look at the latest outerwear from this season and interview a designer from Westbeach for a few fashion tips.

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Plus: Goggles, gloves, Accessories and Backcountry essentials

If you're thinking of buying anything snowboard related this winter, then head down to WHSmiths and get your hands on this indispensible tome. Trust us, you won't regret it!