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crazy snow hat

It's always going to be a hot topic this one - who's pulled off the craziest trick in snowboarding? The tricky debate (no pun intended) isn't helped by the fact that definitive standards for craziness aren't set in stone and pretty much everyone has (and is entitled to) their own opinion. From impressive feats of control and style, to moments of improvisation and sheer recklessness, 'crazy' is a term that we use in disbelief as well as admiration.

In light of Halldor Helgason's double roof gap in the Nike team movie Never Not we asked the question 'Is this the craziest snowboard trick ever?' - some of you thought it was, and a few of you had other suggestions that we'd like to share. There's no doubt about the sanity of any of these guys, we know they're all nuts - but which clip is the craziest?

Here are the top 7 so we can all have a closer look:

[part title='Scotty Vine's One Foot 720']

Scotty Vine was nominated twice in this list, but we'll start with his one foot 720 from Snowboarder Mag's Superpark 15. This caused a bit of a stir back in 2011 - and Scotty definitely wasn't wrong about turning heads:

scotty vine one foot 720: double backflip

[part title='Halldor Helgason - Double Cork 10 Street']

Double corks are nothing new anymore, but it's not every day that we see one taken to a street spot. Halldor stacks up a second claim in this debate thanks to his, sending it off a rooftop in 2012's X Games Real Snow:

halldor roof dub 10

[part title='Travis Rice Heli Drop']

Travis Rice left jaws hanging in the Art of Flight. And he's set standards for crazy throughout his snowboarding career. For arguments sake we'll count this heli drop and the line that follows as just one example.

travis rice heli drop

[part title='Bode Merril's One Foot 720']

Bode may not have been the first to get a one foot 720 down, but his Japan twist on the trick is iconic. This laid out clip from Hungry? in 2012 is just one example, and we've seen him take it to backcountry booters too...

bode one foot 720

[part title='Travis Rice - Switch Back Double Cork 10']

This clip was used in one of the Art of Flight promos, and we're not surprised they chose it. If you're going to bring backcountry snowboarding to the masses it's hard to think of a better person (or trick) to do it with... Even if 90% of them didn't realise this was switch:

travis rice switch back double 1080

http://mpora.com/videos/AAdlgdkyzxjv [part title="Scotty Vine's One Foot Double Backflip"]

The last one footer in this selection - Scotty Vine's big one footed double backflip was just one highlight in an amazing year (seriously, if you haven't already watched it, find the time to see his Full Part III). That being said, this can-can wielding moment is pretty tricky to fathom:

scotty vine one foot double backie

[part title='Halldor Helgason - Backflip Up Stairs']

To finish, there's just one more Helgason clip. Visually this is just ridiculously hard to get your head around; and we'd hate to even think of the consequences if it went wrong. As a bonus, the 50-50 bs board on the way back down shows just how comfortable Halldor is in the street setting:

halldor backflip pony tail

Honourable mention:

mike basich heli drop

An honourable mention has to go to Mike Basich for his 120ft drop in from a helicopter. We put this aside as some people might call this more of a stunt, and it wasn't landed, but there's little doubt that it was crazy. To top it off, this is a self portrait taken remotely by the man himself!


What hasn't been covered yet? We know you've got more than just these up your sleeves. Leave us a suggestion in the comments and you could feature in our next post.