Hounourable Mention:

Before we properly get started, here's a bonkers new piste project in Denmark which consists of 1,500 meters worth of dry slope being constructed atop a recycling plant (of all things) and will apparently come complete with smoke rings and heat seeking lasers...?!

So summer’s here, the temperature is off the charts and last winter’s snow seems like a distant memory. To get you through the long summer months Whitelines has come up with a list of the weird and wonderful lengths that mankind has gone to, to keep you charging all year round!

Click through to check out the top 5 most weird and wonderful artificial snowboard slopes that our snow-mad world has to offer.


Ah those crazy, imaginative Dutch. Only in a land that embraces raw herring and ‘coffee shops’ could you come up with this. Like some sort of trippy hamster wheel, the R-evelution system consists of a 12 meter dry slope dish that tilts around the centre letting you ride non-stop. Of course this means that you will have to sit on one edge most of the way, so get ready for the deep burn!

The system has adjustable speed and angle so the slope can cope with any level of rider. Throw a couple of features in and the bail possibilities are endless....

You can see the system in action in Alpine Engineerings promo video (at 3.00) by clicking here, and here it is being test driven by a squadron of mini Hollandlings which, to be fair, actually looks like quite good fun.


In the UK we like our endless dry slopes to be a little less.....Dutch. Skiplex is a carpet dry slope system that is starting to spring up all over the UK (they currently have slopes in Chiswick, Reading and Basingstoke). With adjustable angle and a top speed of 25mph the system can cater for two riders at a time and is a great way to put in some long runs without having to wait for lifts.

The Skiplex setup also features a giant mirror at the bottom of the slope letting you tweak your riding style to perfection or just laugh yourself silly when your buddy stacks it and disappears up the endless carpet behind you... (fear not though, we've been assured that the system is incredibly safe).


The Alpine Centre is built on a slagheap in the middle of an industrial district in north-west Germany. Bottrop may not be pretty on the outside but, just like a donut or a gun pointed at your head, it’s what’s inside that counts. This 640 meter ski hall is the longest indoor slope in the world and is just begging for a visit from Jamie Barrow to see if he can smash the indoor speed record he set on the 520m piste in Snow World, Holland. Bottrop also has its own fun park (unfortunately closed for the summer) serviced by the world’s longest indoor flying carpet.

Check out the Hotzone TV crew sessioning Bottrop here and watch out for the wall kissing bail at 1:21.


With temperatures in excess of 48°C, Dubai might not seem the obvious place to build a ski slope, but even the laws of physics are no match for millions of petro dollars.

Since 2005 the Mall of the Emirates has been home to Ski Dubai, a 22,500m2 snow covered playground. The sci-fi looking structure houses 5 runs including the world’s first indoor black run, a freestyle zone and even live penguins?!? Tenner for the first shredder to jib a Gentoo....


Everyone loves to ride, but no one likes to wait. So what would you give to be able to charge for hours without ever using a lift?

The creative lunatics at Ski-Trac are working to make this insanity a reality by constructing a giant rotating piste, covered in snow, which ‘floats on an electro-magnetic field’ according to their website.

This means you can ride down hill without a lift queue in site - if you need a break, simply sit down and the hill itself will take you right back to the top.

At top speed you could cover 19 miles every hour on the 50 meter wide Ski-Trac piste. The slope design also features a snow park with half-pipe and a 250 meter mountain run with moguls and drops.

The Ski-Trac system has not been constructed yet, but with sites confirmed in Cairo, Egypt and Badaling, China, this ludicrously brilliant concept might soon be built (you can check out all the design gubbins here).