So with the first edits coming out of Mt Hood and the rest of the summer glaciers, spring truly is over now, and thus so is the winter season. Sad, but the good news is that yesterday marked the start of the latter half of the year, so you can legitimately start getting excited for winter again now!

And what better way to get excited is there than by having a good look back over the season gone - here's WL's top ten tricks of 2013/14 and why:

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After a heavy contest season including the first slopestyle event in the Olympics, the last thing you'd want to do is go shoot an urban part.

However, Sebastian Toutant did just that and put out this monster of a part, filmed in just a week!

Amongst the many hammers was this peach of a rodeo to front board. He may not be the first person to have ever nailed this, but by god it's one of the best we've seen, mixing huge does of gnar and style together to create something spectacular.

Dan Brisse often gets a bit of schtick from other urban riders for 'stunts' but once again he silenced the critics this year with some amazing shots in Volcom's 'True To This.'

Played in amongst shots from both the surf and skate worlds, snowboard street riding did struggle to come out of the movie looking on par with its brothers. However Dan's epic rails and gaps shone out like a beacon, just check the consequences of fucking this one up!

It wasn't quite Max Parrot's year this year - it was pretty obvious from his face in Sochi that he wanted that Olympic gold bad, but after not quite getting on the podium he can still take solace in his domination of the Winter X Games.

As the last rider to drop and under pressure to pull something special out of the bag, he went all out on his last run and put down the first back-to-back triple in competition. But what blew us away was this hardway backside 450 on off the heels - tech as fuck but also as calm and precise as you like. Sublime.

And now for something completely different... This one caused a bit of debate in the WL office, but it goes in not only for how stylish and silky it looks, but for what it meant for snowboarding this winter.

Dylan Gamache and the Yawgoons crew killed it this year. With nothing more than a rope tow, a welder and a few bits of scrap iron they showed once again that you don't need the best parks in the world to get wild, just a healthy dose of creativity, the carving being just part of that.

After watching his rookie of the year part in 'The Last Ones' again, it was hard going to pick out any one shot from Justin Fronius' Videograss part. But it had to be the ender didn't it? Gnarly, tech and as audatious as it was next level, the 5050 to wallride to wallride was one of the best urban tricks we've seen for years, let alone this one.

Every time you think Eiki Helgason is about to be overshadowed by his younger brother, he goes and does something like this. Straight out of his X Games Real Snow part, this was one of the shots that got people leaping out of their seats on first viewing, not that it's got any less impressive since. Banger.

Another one from Real Snow, another gnarly urban NBD. Miller flips are hard, one footed miller flips are harder, but done over and down a gap that size it's almost suicidal. Not that that would stop Bode Merrill, the Salt Lake City giant seems determined to go as big as possible off features four times his size. Safe to say, we can't wait for his video part from this year.

In an Olympic year where she didn't quite qualify, it would take a lot to become the most talked about women in snowboarding, but landing the world's first female double cork 1080 would do that for you.

Katie Ormerod put this beaut down in May, but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that we finally saw it. We've included the full version because it shows the gnarly first attempt, almost sending it round for a triple!

With four years to get this on lock, there's no doubt that Katie will be pushing to try and better Jenny Jones' bronze come 2018, bring it on!

Talking of the 'Lympics, how could this not make the grade? The trick that blew the lid of slopestyle and made snowboarding a household talking point, even die hard shred fans like us weren't exactly sure what had happened until a few hours after Sage Kotsenburg put this down in Sochi.

Most memorably it had the weird effect where even your gran seemed to know what a 'Holy Crail' was, but however the media played it they couldn't deny that what had happened was, like, totally sick dude.

There's so much that's been said about this already it hardly seems worth writing more, but here's the summary:

One mental Icelandic, two roofs, a few mattresses, one neck brace, one heli cam and maybe one of the most reckless things ever done on a board. All hail Halldor.