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Corbett's Couloir

After the recent success of our beginner resorts for snowboarding , we figured it'd only be fair to put together a list of the best resorts out there for you hardcore shredders. Yes, we're looking at you lot with the ABS bags, transceivers and stickers all over your helmet.

We all want to push ourselves on the slope, and there's nothing worse than being stuck on crusiy blues when we're really on the hunt for icy couloirs and hidden powder stashes.

So, gnarly black runs, an insane amount of freeride terrain and some seriously steep lines is what this is all about. The kind of lines that will make you shit your pants on every turn and run crying to your mummy at the end of the week, safe in the knowledge that you have lived to ride another day.

[part title="Whistler"]

whistler steep

There is some seriously scary terrain on the Canadian hill at Whistler. This place is ideal if you love couloirs and powder bowls but simply can't be assed to hike.

The main benefit of Whistler is the way that all the gnarly lines are available straight from the lift system. No two-hour hikes through tit-deep powder in sight, you can simply sit yourself down for a few minutes and before you know it you'll be staring down the barrel of a double black diamond run, ready to pull the trigger and drop in.

[part title="Verbier"]

Freeride Verbier

Home of the Bec de Rosses, probably the most infamous face on the planet and the final stop of the Freeride World Tour at the end of March, Verbier is a must-visit for gnarly lines and huge steeps.

Just like Whistler, you won't be trekking miles before strapping in. Legendary runs like Stairway to Heaven and Rock Garden are available to the lazy and the unfit if you really want to throw yourself down them.

The resort also has a vast array of black runs that can get bombarded during the early season and turn into a mogul-fest by February. If that doesn't put you off, there's a massive amount of off-piste on offer and plenty of hidden gems so you can find fresh lines days after a dump.

[part title="Tignes"]

Tignes steep powder

The popular French resort of Tignes has a huge variety of terrain on offer and that's what makes it a massive hit with snowboarders from around the world.

From crazy natural steeps, open powder fields to the top class park, Tignes caters for advanced riders no matter what your tipple.

Tignes has a host of natural blacks, untouched by the groomers and, if you get there early enough in the season, they won't be pitted by moguls. With Val d'Isere just next door, there is a massive amount of freeride terrain and due to it's elevation, the snow is some of the best around.

[part title="St Anton"]

st anton powder off piste

As well as outrageous Austrian apres mixed in with a traditional looking town, the huge area offers up an insane amount of advanced terrain.

You'll have to be up early though to avoid the seasoned veterans competing for first lines on the famous runs but if you manage to burst through the crowds then you're in for a treat. If you want to prove just how big your balls are then sign up for the Valluga 'over the back' tour and ride the throne-like Valluga mountain.

If you don't fancy risking life and limb then drop off the back of Rendl for some seriously fun powder-bashing.

[part title="Revelstoke"]

Nicolas Muller sends it in Revelstoke. PHOTO: Cole Barash

Revelstoke is quickly taking on Whistler in the battle for North America's best mountain. With 48% of the hill regarded as 'expert', this place certainly lives up to the hype.

The North bowl plays host to a whole load of cliff drops and steep lines for an increased gnarl-factor but if it's steep pistes you're after, check out the aptly named Pitch Black or Devil's Club.

If you want to push the boat out and gain some bragging rights down the pub then Revelstoke is the gateway to an insane amount of heli-boarding terrain right on your doorstep.

[part title="Jackson Hole"]

Corbett's Couloir

I'd like to think of Jackson Hole as being named after the UK's very own Henry Jackson, but somehow I highly doubt it. Nonetheless, the crown of Wyoming attracts the best of the best from around the globe for a reason - it's seriously insane terrain.

Try out Hobacks for never-ending freshies, take a guide to the Cody Bowl or if you've got a death wish, drop in to the infamous Courbet's Couloir and hope you make it through to the other side. Good luck!

[part title="Mayrhofen"]


Feeling brave? Throw yourself down the infamous Harakiri, Austria's steepest piste with a gradient of 78% and just see what happens.

If you don't fancy sending it down there then there's still a pretty big array of blacks to test yourself on, or head to the Penken park and grab some serious airtime in one of Europe's best parks.

[part title="Chamonix"]


Aaaaah Cham, beautiful Cham. Every snowboarder is familiar with one of the oldest and most traditional resorts in the world. 1924 saw Cham hold the very first Winter Olympics and nowadays it is the resort to be seen in. Whilst the town naturally attracts the bearded men of the alpine world, it is fast becoming a bit more glamorous with bars and restaurants fit for the rich and famous.

Away for the town, however, and Chamonix boats some of the most extreme off-piste terrain in the world. There are hidden powder stashes galore here, but there is of course a downside. The five areas of the resort are fairly distant from one another and even the world famous 12 and a half mile off-piste Valle Blanche can feel like the M25 on a bank holiday sometimes.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the terrain, it is an absolute must visit if you're serious about pushing yourself to the limit.

[part title="Avoriaz"]

Avoriaz Snowboard stash

Connected to the biggest area in the world, Avoriaz has a serious amount of terrain. Luckily for the advanced riders amongst us, a hell of a lot of this is steep and deep, and perfect thrill seekers looking for a tough time.

The amount of off-piste available is mind-blowing but if freestyle is more your thing then make sure you head to the Stash, the world's biggest ecological shred-fest. Tons of natural hits and jibs using felled trees and the like make this one of the most fun parks in Europe and there are a million routes to take through it so you'll find fresh lines for days and really test your freestyle skills.

If you wake up and really want to see just how good you are then take on the Wall, a piste with some of Europe's biggest moguls. You won't be able to feel your legs afterwards we can assure you but the pain will be worth it once you're sat in a bar with an ice cold beer.

[part title="Breckenridge"]

Breck boasts one of the best park setups in the world

When we think of America, the phrase 'go big or go home' springs to mind, and at Breckenridge, going home wasn't an option. The terrain here is world class and offers up some seriously scary snowboarding.

With runs named Psychopath and Boneyard, you know it's serious. The descents from peak 8 will provide a tougher test than most resorts but if you really want a challenge, seek out the Whale's Tail and pray to god you make it down in one piece.

If you're more of a park rat then you're in luck, because Breck is home to one of the finest park setups in the world. Huge booters fit for the likes of Jamie Nicholls and Sage Kotsenburg make it a must visit for freestylers the world over.