How many snowboarders does it take to make a video part? Antti Piirainen by Matt Georges

[splitpost intro="true" order="reverse" numbers="true"] 2013 has been a bumper year for online video parts. As production companies move further from the traditional seasonal DVD/iTunes release and towards more creative ways of getting their footage out there, more and more are drip-feeding films online section by section.

While it's been common practise for a few years to release movies part by part towards the end of the season, in the past it's rarely happened before Christmas.

Anything that's made it into this list is pure gold.

Which is what makes this list unusual. Many of the parts featured in movies that were released this autumn - they may be re-edited or cut to different music but the footage is essentially the same. As with Jake Blauvelt and Halldor's parts here.

At the same time more riders than ever are choosing the interwebs as their first choice format for getting their footage out there - Freddi K and Jamie Nicholls went down this route this year.

So here, without further ado, are our top 10 video parts of 2013. These are not necessarily the most technically accomplished parts of the year, but they're the ones that made the biggest overall impression on us. As for the order they're in? Well, this is what we thought but to be honest these could be in almost any order - anything that's made it into this list is pure gold.

[part title="Emilien Badoux (from The Search is Everything)"]

Emilien Badoux was not a rider we knew much about until he exploded onto our screens with this balls out powder part about a month and a half ago. Featuring gnarly-looking drops, some quality head-cam footage and some frankly insane lines, it immediately made us sit up and take notice.

Arguably both Gigi Ruf and Nico Muller have put out more accomplished powder parts online this year (both from Nike's Never Not) but the reason this one trumped them both for a place here was a) our surprise at this coming from a relatively unknown shredder, and b) the sheer speed with which he attacks everything here. That line down the Bec de Rosses is just insane!

[part title="Frederik Kalbermatten"]

Going into last season, many people predicted that Freddi K's admittedly glittering snowboard career was gently winding down. Having been dropped by his major sponsor a few years previously, he'd put out some good video parts since, but nothing that made him feel really vital. Until this year.

Off the back of a season spent filming with Jake Blauvelt's Naturally crew, he dropped this soulful, powder-filled part online only, impressing shredders of all shades the world over, and reminding people why he was so good in the first place.

[part title="Matt McCormick"]

Here at Whitelines we make no bones about our bias towards British riders. We know the conditions nature gives us to work with on this island are far from ideal, so the fact that we shred at all is impressive in itself.

But you don't need any bias to see why we've included this awesomely stylish part by Matt McCormick in our top 10. It's well shot and edited, with a moody vibe and a good soundtrack. But mostly, it is quite simply the best exhibition of dryslope riding we've ever seen, with Matt showing his complete mastery of his local hill at Bearsden.

[part title="Elias Elhardt (from Distorted Reality)"]

We love everything about this part, from the slickly-filmed spooky scarecrow title sequence to the final shot of Elias' smiling face, and of course all the epic backcountry riding in between.

Having watched Elias' career develop since his days as a contest rider, we knew it was only a matter of time until he put out a part like this, but even we weren't expecting it to be this good. No matter how big or how fast he's going, everything just seems so stylish and controlled.

When the link to this first landed in our inboxes, our editor in chief rewound and watched this three times in a row. Which pretty much tells you all you need to know.

[part title="Jamie Nicholls"]

Jamie Nicholls claimed he wasn't super-stoked on the footage he managed to gather last season, claiming he wished he'd had more time.

Thankfully, no-one paid any attention to what he thought, and this part was given the plaudits it deserves. It was shown before the premiere of the Nike movie in London and made Transworld Snowboarding's list of the Top 10 Online Parts of the Year. Not bad for something that was mostly smashed out in a few sessions in Mayrhofen and Leeds...

[part title="Scotty Vine"]

Released in September, Scotty Vine's third online only full part continued where the other two had left off, his madcap trick combos and crazy spot-selection making this one of the most popular videos posted on our website all year.

Much of this is filmed at the Snowboarder Mag-run Super Park event, and as such it features a lot of park riding. But you can't really hold that against Scotty, because watching him ride the park is different to watching anyone else. I mean how many one-footed double backflips have you seen before?

[part title="Jed Anderson (from Never Not)"]

Jed Anderson's section was one of the major reasons for that reaction. Not only is this Canadian supremely technically gifted, he also has a great eye for a spot, and best of all is very, very stylish. Tricks like the switch front lip to nose-press down the double-kink at 0.53 are undoubtedly impressive, but it's the way he stomps them as well that makes this part properly standout.

[part title="Jake Blauvelt (from Naturally)"]

Along with Nike's Never Not and Volcom's Chamaleon, Jake Blauvelt and Friday Productions' film Naturally was the movie event of the season. Only about a month after the initial release of the full film, the team behind it put out this online edit featuring most of Jake's hammers.

While it's worth watching the whole movie to get the full effect of Jake's Jedi-like genius, the fact that this shortened version still contains enough rad riding to make our top 10 tells you a lot. Damn it makes you want to ride powder doesn't it?

[part title="Joe Sexton (from The Last Ones)"]

As well as releasing their movie on DVD this year, the Videograss crew took the decision to post Joe Sexton's opening part online.

We're not sure if this was a one-off, or if there'll be more parts to follow dropping after Christmas, but we're pretty frickin' chuffed they stuck this up, cos it's one of the best (in fact the second best) part we've seen on the interweb this year.

The spots Joe's hitting here are next level - check the multi-kinked creepy rail at 2.45 or the c-rail at 2.05. This also features some of the sickest skate-style follow-cam shots we've ever seen (like the one at 3.07) and that ender trick - the front board pretzel down that monster rail - is just insane!

[part title="Halldor Helgason (from Never Not)"]

This was the most talked about video part of the year, and for good reason. From street spots in rural Iceland to gnarly kinked rails in urban Moscow to backcountry kicker sessions this has it all.

Trick wise it ticks a lot of boxes too, featuring everything from steezed out backside 180s to crazy double corks and rail combos.

But what really makes this part is Halldor's personality, which shines through in every shot of this part. His choice of tricks, his choice of spots, his loose-cannon riding style, all of it screams "here is a man having the time of his life, riding on his own terms, and doing it for the sheer hell of it." The fact that it also screams "here is a man who's two sandwiches short," just makes it all the better.

This was the part that got us most excited this year, and most stoked about snowboarding as a whole. And that was before we even got to that ender trick...

Feel like someone's been robbed? Think we've missed any incredible parts out? Please post them in the comments below!