What is it about snowboarders that just make them want to snowboard all the damn time? Sometimes a weeks holiday or even a season pass isn't quite enough. Luckily, we're quite a creative bunch so when there's a will to shred, there's bound to be a way to shred.

The obvious answer is getting into your urban riding, but for most that's not an option. Either there's a lack of local snow stopping them, or for some they might live miles away from the nearest 'naturally occurring' street rail. However, there is always the DIY approach...

Other than building your own board, creating your own terrain park or secret spot is about as 'roots' snowboarding as it gets these days really, going back to the days of the punk rock DIY ethics. Have a look at these beauties and get inspired!

You don't even need snow to make a good park, we can spot at least three different types of dryslope matting used here (we're told it was all *ahem* reclaimed from various hills around the country). Come to think of it, you don't need much at all to have a good time on a snowboard: some friends, a gas pipe and the ability to take a few slams. Repeatedly.

It helps when the cinematography is spot on like it is here, courtesy of Life Cinematic.

This is a little more advanced; despite their name (Dirty Crew Get Krunk) Portes de Soleil based DCGK obviously put a lot of time and effort into this one, even going so far as to make their own drag lift!

With some awesome looking hand built rails too this is one of the hidden shred-gems of France, it helps when you've got friends as rad as these to ride with, skip to around 3.30 if you just want to see the riding.

This is the essence of Scottish shredding right here: a bit of snow, quite a bit of rain, booze and a whole load of sketch. Usually a mountain bike/BMX course, Mike Jachacy’s garden occasionally gets taken over by the best of the Scottish shredders including Angus 'Monarch of the Glen' Leith, Scott Penman and Ian Ashmore for some rad backyard sessioning.

The edit above shows the essence of what we're talking about when we harp on about creativity and dedication being key to snowboarding, these boys spent all night carting down trailer after trailer of snow just to give their friends a decent end of season party which didn't even get cancelled despite the horrendous amounts of rain and mud. Stoker, as we're sure they'd say.

Yes yes, we know this is mainly skiing (don't worry, there's snowboarding from 2.00 for the ultra-sensitive viewers out there) but how rad is this set up? These guys in Finland spend their free time in the summer earth-shaping their spot and building new rails so when it snows in the winter it's ride-able straight away.

A free rail park in the centre of Innsbruck? You have to be kidding right? What probably started out as a few friends messing around with their snowboards and shovels in one of the local parks has turned into a fully legit jib park, hosting their own contests as well as PBRJ qualifiers for Volcom every year.

It's still run by snowboarders for snowboarders and keeps its unique sketchy vibe, bragging about their 'rusty flair,' but how rad is it that places like this can flourish still?

Sadly no more, the Bone Zone was initially conceived by Ted Borland and friends as a secret early-season getaway to get practicing on some rail tricks, but early this winter it was discovered by the local Forestry Service and destroyed. A shame seeing as it wasn't really doing any harm, plus the rails are usually completely buried by the time the season kicks of.

Everything aside from a few home welded rails was built out of the woods around them with axes and 'manly grit;' there was a true DIY vibe going on here with a focus on leaving the woods as clean as they'd found them every day.

The video above is a trailer to the full movie which you can view for free here. It sucks it's gone now, but it's an even better reason to go build your own!

Have you ever built your own park? We'd love to see what Whitelines readers have been able to come up with so please send any videos/pictures, we may even do a feature with them!