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The season just gone was a good one, and many people will have many different opinions on what were the highlights and low points.

For Bob Gnarley however - as with all seasons past - it was another packed full of lows. But no one can put a positive spin on a shitty situation quite like our monoculared shred hero.

So here is Bob Gnarley's 2013/14 season recap all handily in one place for your viewing pleasure. From the 'Lympics to the urban shooting with Dan Medhurst it's all here.

[part title="Video Nasty"]


Apparently the 'pole'vaulting' means something completely different in Icelandic, at least according to the Helgasons. Halldor and Eiki can never be accused of taking anything too seriously, let alone a washed-up British snowboarder trying desperately to get some airtime in their latest production.

[part title="Catch 22"]


New school post-modern primitive irony, who knew snowboard design could be so Nathan Barley (well Jackson yeah?). December saw Bob being paid to get dropped by his sponsors, in the process becoming even more core than Jed Anderson..

[part title="Love Seat"]


Aimee Fuller - Olympic yeller and new darling of the nation- was lucky enough to meet Bob this year, if you can call it luck... However after years of being in the spotligt she know's exactly how to handle 'over enthusiastic' fans - send them to their unwitting peril.

[part title="The Photog"]


Touching on goggle fashion faux pas and our senior photographer's legendary love of the opposite sex (read: Tindr), back in Feb Bob ran into some trouble trying to get those urban shots stacked.

[part title="Gay"]


Of course Bob Gnarley went to Sochi, ironically of course. As a core rider he may hate the idea of it, but he sure loved the publicity.

[part title="Commodity"]

Gnarley Commodity

Bob was lucky enough to score some spring pow to round out the season and as ever, the white stuff got his brain whirring into philosophical mode. It does go to show though, you can turn the shittiest season into gold if you have the right mentality.

And that was that for the winter just gone, faithfully documented by the talented hands of Mr Kieron Black. We can't wait to see what Bob gets up to next year...