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We've seen a few weird things this year. No, we're not talking about Miley twerking *yawn* or the snow that hit the UK in April. We're talking about the off-the-wall, weird, wonderful and downright wacky tricks that riders have been dropping in edits across the year. Take the creative genius of Scott Stevens, for example, blowing minds with his ability to hit anything. Or Jaeger Bailey sliding across a butterbox scorpion-style (above). Even just Bode throwing one of his mental one-footers off another rooftop.

Most of these creative manifestations would be impossible to imitate. I mean, how many times have you been watching an edit this year and thought, "how the hell did he DO that?!".

We may not be able to stomp them ourselves, but damn they make entertaining viewing. Which is why we've rounded up the weirdest and wackiest tricks to come out of 2013. One's that blew minds, shattered illusions and caused jaws to drop to the floor.

It's by no means a final list but these are a few of our favourites... Enjoy!

[part title="Scotty Vine - One-Footed Double Backflip"]

OK, so this trick isn't necessarily weird - it's just bloody mental! The first ever one-footed double backflip by hucking hero Scotty Vine. It's a case example of where slo-mo is most certainly needed. Progressive? Yes. Balls-out crazy? Definitely.

[part title="Bode Merrill - One-Footed Noseslide"]

Here's some more one-footed craziness, this time from the master Bode Merrill. Nosesliding off a roof isn't easy at the best of times, let alone with one foot flying around outside the bindings. Just check out that stance! If you want to feel just that little bit more envious of Bode, then check out his mini-pipe and tramp skate session - he ain't no one-trick pony!

[part title="Fredrik Perry - Tunnel Slide"]

Remember that RK1 edit where the dude scraped off half his back on a rail? Yep, that was this guy - Fredrik Perry - an all-round Scandinavian snowboarding nutter. We like how neatly he pulls this one off. You have to be a little crazy to try it - just look at those eyes!

[part title="Nick Visconti - Tuck Knee"]

This isn't Nick Visconti's first tuck-knee rail slide, we've seen them in his parts before. But it's still pretty impressive. You have to ride up to the rail with your back foot unstrapped to make it happen. Or buy yourself a set of these weird bindings...

[part title="Eiki Helgason - No Foot Christ Plant"]

Eiki has taken a leaf out of Nick Visconti's book with his version of the 2011 Christ Air here. Nick's original apparently took him 40 slams to master - we're hoping it wasn't the same for Eiki here. The Christ Plant is pretty unusual after all, but the Helgason brothers were never ones to shy away from being weird. Just look at their board graphics on Lobster!

[part title="Stale Sandbech - FS 360 Crail/Method"]

What a combination here from Stale. You think he's just going to throw a frontside 360 with a crail grab, when he suddenly flips it around and gives us this stunner of a method. It's an all-round beaut of a clip. No wonder those skiiers are lingering in awe at the base .

[part title="Scott Stevens - Roller Flip"]

This cheeky roller flip dropped through our virtual letter box earlier this month. Scott Stevens consistently impresses us with his weird tricks. This one's kinda like those backwards somersaults you used to do as a kid with enough pop to flip the board upright again. How does he come up with this stuff?!

[part title="Jaeger Bailey - Scorpion Butterbox Handslide"]

We've never seen anything like this trick before, whipped out by Jaeger Bailey in this year's High Cascade summer edits. Sliding along a butterbox on your forearms in a weird scorpion-style manner - it's got to be a first.

[part title="Spencer Schubert - Snowskate Handstand Boardslide"]

The same High Cascade edit tumbled a bucketload of mad tricks onto our screens, including this snowskate handstand boardslide from American rider Spencer Schubert. Light as a feather, he hucks one onto the rail, putting a snowskate to good use. You've gotta see it to believe it.

[part title="Marcus Rand - Rail Transfer"]

The Yawgoons edits left us entertained when they dropped earlier this year. Yawgoon is in fact a really small hill in Rhode Island on the north east coast of America. Despite (or perhaps because of) the hill's small size, these are all shit-hot on rails.

After all, some of the best jibbers came from mountain-less towns - take Ethan Deiss example.

There's two pretty entertainingly odd tricks here, but it's the first one - that transfer - that takes it for us.

[part title="Justin Fronius - Cross Rocket Tail Grab"]

We're not entirely sure what this trick is called. Does it even have a name? We've heard 'cross rocket tail grab' bandied around, so we're going to go with that. Justin Fronius is a name that was mentioned in our list of 10 jibbers with fresh and different style. He's relatively new face to the scene but just won 'Best Newcomer' at The Reels Festival in Annecy, France this year - so definitely one to watch for the future then.

[part title="Halldor Helgason - Lobster Flip"]

Halldor Helgason was bound to be up the top of this list somewhere. His Lobster Flip -a double backside rodeo 1080 japan (try saying that one backwards!) is definitely one of the maddest things we've seen this year. I'm sure some pedant will point out that Halldor landed this one last year. But that doesn't stop it from being one of the weirdest tricks we've seen in 2013.

Are there any you'd add to the list? Leave your comments below!