Yesterday we posted a couple of instagrams of Xavier de le Rue perched on the edge of various cliffs and couloirs, as well as igniting our facebook page it got us thinking back to some of the raddest freeride moments from the last few years.

We've already done a feature on gnarly freeride lines, so how about some ridiculous drops? Here's ten of the scariest and most jaw-dropping drops we've ever seen. As usual this is not THE list, but our list; tell us if you know of any more you'd like to see up here.

Seeing as he was the inspiration that sparked this list, it seems fitting to start of with the man, himself, Xavier de le Rue.

Not really known for huge drops, usually opting crazy lines, this one made our ten simply for being wild. This was at the Nissan Xtreme in Verbier, 2010, the third year in a row he won the tour outright.

If the line choice wasn't crazy enough - he can barely keep on his feet at times - the drop at 1.14 is surely what clinched it for him. It's not the largest, but considering the gradient he has to land in before swerving to avoid a multitude of boulders, this has to go down as one of the gnarliest ever.

Nicolas Muller Full Part

It's rare indeed when you get to witness Nicolas Muller get truly extreme, normally opting for his trade mark styled out spins and pillows - but if you haven't seen the ender for his Never Not part from this year you must have been living under a rock.

It's at 5.00 in the video above; as if dropping what must be a good 45 feet wasn't enough he manages to tap the very end of a huge rocky outcrop on the way down. You don't see many scarier things that end well than that.


Unfortunately the video we're talking about here has never made it from DVD onto the internet - as far as we're aware - but if you haven't seen '13' by Burton yet you must. The picture above is from an earlier trip, but shows pretty clearly what we're talking about.

As if swapping high fives with Terje Haakonsen whilst dropping into a B.C. line wasn't enough for the opening of his section, John Jackson's 80 foot drop in his third shot really shows just how hard to guy can rip. He even slashes open a pillow on the way down before riding out on a near-vertical pitch. Yikes.

What is it about the Jackson brothers that makes them so good at growing massive hairstyles and throwing themselves off the gnarliest shit? For fear that John's dreads would cause him to stand out, Eric Jackson grew a beard before tearing up the rule book on what could be done in the backcountry.

After winning video part of the year in 2012 with this, he came back last year as part of Jake Blauvelt's 'Naturally' project. He was the standout in the film and seeing all his shots back-to-back in this condensed version is a awe-inspiring experience.

Cliff hucking wise the highlight has to be in the line starting at 4.10, though the audacity required to butter through the one just before is worthy of a mention to.

The king of going huge, Devun Walsh - the Jedi master of snowboarding - absolutely had to make this list and as video moments go, you can't get more classical than an ender in a Forum movie.

Yes, THAT back five of what can only be a snowed in battlement from Lord of the Rings buried deep in the Whistler backcountry is what we mean when we're talking about cliff drops. Shot in 2006, it still has us talking today, WOW.


We've already waxed lyrical on this photo recently, but really when you're talking about hug cliff drops you have to mention David Carrier-Porcheron's effort off the cliff named for this shot.

Again, it takes a special kind of person to not only throw their body off of this height but to spin whilst doing so? Pure insanity, seeing this shot makes me a little sad for how my abilities stack up against it. Still inspired though!

Here's a fact for you, not only can Bryan Fox Drink Water but he can't hoover up pow like no one else. He dropped this video part online a few days ago and it's been taking our website by storm.

The bit we're singling out in this part isn't technically a straight drop, but this really wouldn't be a proper Whitelines list if at least one point didn't flout the rules would it?

The very last pillow line of the part is pure madness; at least 100 feet from top to bottom, there's barely a moment when his board isn't airbourn. And if you've never hit big pillow lines you should know that hitting drop after drop in quick succession is far more difficult when you have snow flying up in your face the whole time. Props.

You can't have a freeride article without mentioning Jeremy Jones can you? This classic part from Absinthe's Ready shows him at his absolute peak and is packed full of ridiculous drops.

From popping of outcrops in the middle of huge Alaskan spines to charging off cliffs into sluff avalanches he's created himself, we were really spoilt for choice, but as ever the choice was made for us; it has to be the last line.

After negotiating his way through not one but two rocky cliff sections that could kill him at any minute he puts his foot to the floor and charges over the third, a true mix of technical riding and absolutely massive balls, what a guy.

What a beast of a part this is, even if you've been flicking through up until this point stop whatever you're doing and enjoying five minutes of some of the most ridiculous backcountry riding the world has ever seen.

A rider's rider, never seen without a huge smile on his face, Gigi Ruf is never one to do something the same as anyone else so it's only fitting that we've singled out the back 180 off the cliff at 2.35 as the drop to watch. Not only is it huge and stylish as hell, it's also switch.

To be fair though, the crazy line into the huge drop into narrowly avoiding the avalanche at 0.55 could also be a contender. Your choice.

Rounding off our list, it is of course Mr Travis Rice. Any one of his video parts contains enough vertical meters dropped to build a snowboard version of the Eiffel Tower with, so to be honest you can have your pick.

We choose this video though because it perfectly shows what all of the other riders in this list will have seen as they throw themselves blindly out into the void. GoPro footage used to it's best, it doesn't get more awe inspiring than that.