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With the insane amounts of coverage we've given to the Sochi Olympics we'll have to ask your forgiveness if at times we came across as a bit, well, insane. We pulled some 18 hour shifts over the last week in order to cover all the slopestyle and halfpipe which resulted in the odd occasional hysterical breakdown. 'Lympics!

During the hysteria we did have flashes where we genuinely enjoyed the proceedings and we all have our own personal highlights, but like any event the best bits are away from the main action, the little things you notice in the midst of the chaos.

On that theme, here are our favourite lookalikes from the games just gone, the Olymp-a-likes if you will. It was hard not to put these together after they stared down at us for a whole 120 hours, but we hope you like.

To start things off here's one of our favourites, though sadly we can't claim this one as our own discovery: Sage and Aimee everyone!

Sage Kotsenburg - Aimee Fuller

[part title="Jamie Nicholls"]

Jamie Nicholls - Mugatu

Who knew that the Sheffield dryslope wonder was a close relative of Mugatu, evil fashionista of Zoolander fame? Not us, but after seeing this we can't argue with that statement!

[part title="Stephanie Mangiros"]

Stephaine Mangiros - Orville

This may be pushing it, but that feathery barnet on Aussie pipe rider Stephanie Mangiros put us in mind of the lovable puppet Orville, of Keith Harris fame. Though when we put this together it's almost uncanny how tose big ol' cheeks match up!

[part title="Billy Morgan"]

Billy Morgan - Fozzy Bear

We always thought Billy Morgan was a bit of a muppet, but we didn't realise just how much so until Steven Marsh kindly sent this to us. Thinking about it, Aimee Fuller could have easily stolen Miss Piggy's wig too!

[part title="Silje Nordenhal"]

Barbie - Silje Nordenhal

Not much needed to be said here... Ski dad favourite Silje Nordenhal and the icon.

[part title="Katie Tsuyki"]

A Chuck Buddy - Katie Tsuyki

Canadian rider Katie Tsuyki almost made it through to the finals of the women's halfpipe but sketched out at the last minute. Maybe her coach needs to reset her body position before she drops in next time...

[part title="Jamie Nicholls... Again"]

Amazing photobomb by Jamie Nicholls on Shaun White here - he was obviously having the time of his life in Sochi - but it did put us in mind of this long-forgotten internet sensation.

[part title="Yiwei Zhang"]

Yiwei Zhang - Guy from Platoon

At times during our coverage the Olympics felt like war, but obviously not as much as they did for Chinese rider Yiwei Zhang, failing to put down his run in the halfpipe finals. Ant-claim!

[part title="Todd Richards"]


Todd Richards gave us some of the best Olympic coverage via Twitter, but he choose to finish off the gamesbil with this selfie, the same image that terrified generations of young Star Trek viewers.

Did you spot any Olymp-a-likes? Let us know below.