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The 2014 Olympic gold medallists

Medals medals medals... That's what the 'Lympics is all about innit?

So who are these great Olympians? The ones chosen by the judges to be household names around the world, until the curling final that is.

Well here they are, and here are there stories.

[part title="Sage Kotsenburg - Men's Slopestyle"]

Sage Kotsenburg - The Park City Park Rat

Sage Kotsenburg. As Iztok puts it he won because "he was just RAD!!"

Literally no one thought they'd get to write a piece about how Sage Kotsenburg won Olympic gold, he was one of the biggest contest-critics going into Sochi and after his display at the X Games - skill, genius and comedy in equal parts - we assumed he'd be a nice interlude in the triple cork madness everyone was expecting. He only made the finals through the semis, coming behind Billy Morgan!

Even after the 'controversial' judging in the qualifiers, bigger score being awarded for control over technicality, as he dropped in for his final run no one had him pegged for a medal, but his victory was the first confirmation that the FIS might have been listening to us all along after all.

The Holy Crail 1620 - the trick that's impossible to explain to your mum - blew everyone away, including Sage, but it was his top-to-bottom style and flow that appeared to do it for the judges.

Still can't believe this guy won the 'Lympics... Yeah Sage!

What did it for the world: The sight of Sage and Stale Sandbech bouncing and dancing around the finishing area whilst their competitors finished their runs. Mums love that shit.

What did it for us: The 180 switch tripod to back 180 off the cannon.

[part title="Jamie Anderson - Women's Slopestyle"]


Jamie Anderson, as calm as always in victory

This was the one event where we could've comfortably predicted the winner; Jamie Anderson has dominated slopestyle since 2007 when she won her first Winter X Games gold medal and after her display at in the semis there was no real doubt that she could do it in Sochi.

Watching her step up to the huge Russian course was a demonstration of how women's snowboarding can step it up to the boys when given the chance. Our editor reckons she has the best switch back 5 in snowboarding, and after we saw her corking it out on Sunday we'd have to agree. With the possible exception of Torah Bright she was the one woman rider who looked in charge of the course features and fully deserved the win.

Finally she has the medal she can hold up to Peter Line, and even though she's been a loyal Gnu-er for years now she's savvy enough to take advantage of her new-found fame; expect to see more of the Tahoe yogi soon...

Jamie Anderson shreds, 'nuff said

What did it for the world: The Jamie Anderson signature perma-smile, who couldn't love it?

What did it for us: The corked switch backside 5 off the second booter. Go watch it!

[part title="Iouri Podladtchikov - Men's Halfpipe"]

Iouri Podladtchikov - The iPod

Have you ever seen a man look more stoked on winning a contest? I-Pod after his score is announced.

It's been said many times, but Iouri Podladchikov has many times been the bridesmaid to Shaun White, but the final in Sochi was definitely his special day. On the night we weren't too sure if Ayumu Hirano was robbed or not, but after watching the replay we're pretty sure it went to the right guy; he went as big and achieved the seemingly impossible feat of cleaning up 'the tomahawk' after fighting his way into the finals through the semis.

The YOLO flip, his baby (the iPod mini?) was the crown jewel in his run; the trick he invented but never put down in a full run, until now. Again the comparison to El Blanco has to be made, that was pretty much the run the world was promised by the favourite, so after the YOLO was put down by Shaun it was fitting that iPod claimed the combo back for his victory.

And next? Iouri has been dominating the halfpipe circuit in Europe for a while now and shows no signs of slowing down, expect to see more from him soon in a pipe near you.

What did it for the world: The YOLO flip

What did it for us: The claim...

[part title="Kaitlyn Farrington - Women's Halfpipe"]

Kaitlyn Farrington - The Idaho Underdog

Katlyn Farrinton claiming that gold!

Even more so than Sage's win, Kaitlyn Farrington's was probably the biggest shock victory from the snowboarding. Like both the holy crail-er and iPod she had to come up through the semifinals, but at no point did it look like she was under any sort of pressure.

And she wasn't; there were three previous Olympic gold medallists in the final with her holding all the expectation which gave Kaitlyn the freedom to relax and enjoy the experience. It has to be said, the women's pipe finals were full of pretty standard runs, not many people even throwing more than a 5 off their heels, so along with Torah Bright's kooky style it was refreshing to see big back 9s, alley-oops and air fakies taking the win.

But she didn't come out of nowhere, she's been putting it down it contests for a while. Again, along side Torah she's been putting an end to Kelly Clark's halfpipe domination in the last few years, winning dew tour stops and even the European X Games in Tignes last year. There is definitely more to come from her.

Farr out Farrington

What did it for the world: The American dream made incarnate, a girl-next-door topping a third snowboard podium for 'Murica

What did it for us: Switch back 7 into a back 9, what!