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April Fool's Day, Sizdah Bedar, Hunt The Gowk, Poisson D'Avril... no matter where you are in the world on 1st April, you're probably not far from someone trying to pull a prank.


The snowboard world is no exception, with plenty of riders, brands and mags getting involved in the leg-pulling. Here are some of our favourites:

[part title="Johannes Brenning (aka Coach Thunder)"]

This video, posted by Halldor Helgason on Facebook, is a cracker that we won't spoil by telling you what happens. Just watch as the Helgasons' chief co-conspirator Coach Thunder plays an epic April Fool on Gulli Gudmundsson...

[part title="Airblaster"]

Irreverent outerwear brand Airblaster's prank was simple but effective, offering a limited edition snowboard on their website:


What may have given it away was the spiel:

"147 Flat Camber, ships 30 days after purchase.

Very technical.

Best board for turning, second best for grabbing.

Made to order in the USA, America, F*%ck yeah!"

You should have seen the look on our Sam's face when he realised it wasn't real...

[part title="Onboard"]


Our buddies over at Onboard got in on the action too, playing off the FIS/Olympic controversy in fine style. Love the attention to detail here, including quotes pulled from the wonderfully-named 'Le Cul' newspaper.

Apparently this one was written by Ethan Morgan - although that's most likely a wind-up too...

[part title="GoPro"]

One of our readers sent us this, unsure as to whether or not it was an April Fool. Clearly they didn't twig after reading that GoPro's new energy drink #STOKED featured "Amazonian super foods to help you achieve maximum radness, and maybe even get a little mystical".

OK, there's a lot of naff marketing materials out there, so we'll let that go, but come on - it also supposedly contains "a soup├žon of something not unlike the chemical composition of GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman's epic sweat"...

[part title="Ours..."]


Some of you figured out that this triple-corking story was a ruse from the miraculous reappearance of Shaun White's long locks, or from the article's source, Fu Lin. But others fell for it hook, line and sinker. To those people we say: Gotcha...

Any we missed? Let us know what you've found in the comments below.