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Snowboarding Kickstarters - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

What if we told you that all you have to do to make your dreams come true is come up with an idea, write it down in 500 words and make a short video before sitting back and letting the cash roll in. Simple right?

Or so the crowd funding dream would tell you - in reality it's far harder than that. But what the platform does is provide an insight into what snowboarding innovators have bubbling away before products hit the market, whether it's a rad movie proposal like Marie France Roy's Little Things project, the Lets Be Nomads powder chasing hostel or something from the other end of the scale: something far, far worse.

So after an 'interesting' afternoon browsing the depths of sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo we came up with a list of the best, the worst and the downright dumb snowboard crowdfunding ideas - enjoy!

[part title="The Good - Snowboarding for the 99%"]

Most of the joy people get from snowboarding is down to it's inherent simplicity and this guy gets that. Essentially the snow equivalent of the Penny Board, he's taken an old school snurfer and modernised the braking system to create the best looking step-in binding yet.

Taking the sport right back to its roots and providing an affordable way to get into snowboarding - a gateway board if you will - that's gotta be a good idea. Hell yeah PHNX Boards! We're stoked to say they got the modest funding they were asking for.

[part title="The Good - One Binding Systems"]

These guys love splitboarding (who wouldn't?), but more than that they love splitboard bindings, claiming they're lighter and stiffer than any other binding out there. Annoyed they couldn't use them on just any board, they developed a simple plate that allows touring specific binding to be mounted on any snowboard. Even better yet, it means they can switcha single set of bindings between different boards with ease.

We love the stoke these guys obviously have for their lifestyle and product, as well as the text graphics turned permanently up to AWESOME/stun. A great example that the best ideas are the simplest - snowboarding doesn't need revolutionising. Simple solutions to problems you didn't even realise you had are the best.

[part title="The Good - WAXD Laces"]

Again, this isn't the most mind-melting idea out there, but you don't have to have one to be successful in snowboarding. This guy only wanted $1000 to put his ice hockey boot inspired wax coated laces into production (apparently using a US army vet down the road as his main production source) and it's what the people wanted - the end to soggy, smelly and snapped laces. Boom.

[part title="The Good - CLCK Carabiner Tool"]

Another of our favourite videos, especially the part where he holds his kid's college fund up as ransom. Yet another simple idea, a snowboard tool you can't loose. With a bottle opener. This guy obviously knows the market pretty well...

[part title="The Bad - Help a Snowboard Bum"]

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Full marks for audacity, zero for style. This guy tried to use crowd funding to pay for his Whistler season pass to prevent him becoming "fat and lazy this winter." Yes, season passes can be ridiculously expensive these days, but if he can't work and save for one he's already half way to becoming what he wanted to avoid.

[part title="The Bad - Strewth Step-In Bindings"]

Despite a having brilliant company name, Aussie binding company Strewth are making a classic mistake here: thinking the way to make money in snowboarding is by reinventing the wheel. Even worse, reinventing an existing reinvention of the wheel, if you can follow. Step in bindings already exist, this one just has more parts to go wrong.

Again, the key is simplicity and a love for the sport and lifestyle. Barely anyone makes decent money from snowboarding, especially from products that diverge away from what's been tried and tested. Probably one of the reasons why this is Stewth's third go (that we could find) at crowd funding - it's already failed on Indiegogo twice.

[part title="The Bad - Leif Snowboard Everywhere"]

Turn your road into a mountain they said. Interact with your urban environment they said. Stick an electric motor on an existing snowboard/skateboard bastard hybrid they did.

Despite one of the most epically overdone intros we've ever seen - worthy of a place in the next Travis Rice movie - this project fell far from raising the $90,00 they were asking for.

[part title="The Bad - Quick Stance"]

Just no. The best way to learn how to snowboard is by going snowboarding, not by adding fragile looking gadgets to your board. If you really struggle on the flats try reading our guide to skating here. Or how to crabwalk here. Cheaper, and better.

We think the world agreed after these guys only raised $500 out of the audacious one million dollars they were gunning for. Wow.

[part title="The Ugly - Fatblades"]

There are no words... The only possible benefit of this combination of snowboarding and snowblading is the likelihood that it'll send traditional skiers into a new stratosphere of apocalyptic rage.

[part title="The Ugly - Bumz Snowboard Pants"]


Oh God. One from the sad, dusty vaults of Indiegogo: Bumz only raised $75 out of the $6000 they were hoping to get. Why that was we'll never know.

[part title="The Ugly - Lifty/Hooked Up"]

$20,000 to make a hook on a piece of velcro? No wonder these guys struggled to get off the ground. Seeing as they had great difficulty riding a chairlift it's hardly a surprise...

[part title="The Ugly - Electric Snowboard"]

And finally, this guy is asking for $6,000 to make an electric snowboard. One electric snowboard, for himself. And what does he have to show us as he asks for our money? A pile of junk in the corner of his garden. Nice...


After seeing an update for his project we're suddenly a lot more stoked on this idea. Just imagine what the resulting Youtube video would look like!