After watching this crazy new edit from Xavier de le Rue today, in which he not only calmy rappels down a precarious rock face before dropping into a near-vertical line, but also manages to grab a couple of cheeky selfies along the way, we were inspired to go out and find the best the pros have to offer.

Not that they're hard to come by - snowboarders are by and large a vain bunch, and with the recent proliferation of iPhones and GoPros, Facebook and Instagram there's many a method and outlet for their self expression.

So without further ado, we present you the Whitelines Top Snowboard Selfies:


Sage Kotsenburg is pretty nifty with the ol' GoPro - just check out this rad mid-air toss 'n' catch with Eric Willet from last year - and you can find heaps of his signature backflip selfies around the internet if you look hard enough.

The best though has to be this Sports Illustrated video from just after the 'Lympics during the Sochi press frenzy: Sage explaining how to take the best gold medal selfies. This could easily have been very, very cringeworthy, but Mr K has charisma and charm by the bucket full - it's actually pretty funny:


Nothing too fancy here, just a masterclass in shredding pow like a French G from the legend that is Nico Droz. Just check out that floaty back three at 1.35 - dreamy. Avoriaz still isn't widely known as a freeride resort but this clip shows you just a little of what it has to offer, steep and deep runs away from the crowds.


Sage sneaks in again here - with another backie - but really this insta-snap is all about Zak Hale's face. Sort of like the male version of the renowned 'duck face,' this simply says 'Yeeeeeah....'


It has to be said though, this shot bears a striking resemblance to the cover shot for Think Thank's video offering last autumn, throw up those Vs!


Often called out as the 'master of the snowboard selfie,' Tim Humphreys is to some the undisputed champ of the 'art form'. His latest YouTube offering is just above, showcasing some sweet Northstar cruising but also the only angle you can view that burger-print jacket without feeling queasy.

Tim's secret is simple: steady hands and tight editing skills - watch and learn. Also the fact that he can slay park like a this - that helps too.


However, the winner has to be the source: Xavier de le Rue has to take it for the sheer audacity of his Instagram feed. With shot's like the one above popping in our feeds we can't help but be a little jealous, if not genuinely terrified.

Crazy thing is, he's not even peaked yet.

King of the Selfie: long may he live. It's better than shots of his food at least.

XDLR. Like an extreme Docklands Light Railway.