Aimee Fuller, Dom Harington and Robin Van Gyn have all chipped in to our snowboard mix tape collection over the last month. Now it's Helen Schettini turn to share her musical library with us.

We all know she's one of the sickest female freeriders to drop onto the scene in recent years, carving a notoriously challenging career for herself in backcountry filming. 'Hot Pow' is the name of her mix-tape. We're not entirely sure why or what it means, but it sounds pretty enticing, no?

Helen Schettinin, storming her way to become one of the top female freeriders. Photo:

There's a bit of everything in there - from classic Dire Straits and mellow Fleet Foxes before hopping over the deep dark beats of Kavinsky from the soundtrack to Ryan Gosling/Carey Mulligan movie Drive. It makes a surprisingly enjoyable mix - take a listen for yourself!