Ooof. There's just something about watching a good slam isn't there? Kind of like those videos of people squeezing spots on the internet, it's horrible to see but impossible to look away. Just look at the legions of crashes reels in every skate, snow and surf movie ever made. Car crash viewing.

So... Without further ado we present the harshest slams that we've witnessed this season! Of course there will be more come to autumn as the industry film buffs start dropping their annual films, but for now lets take a look at the best the web had to give us.

Some are comical, some deserved but all are painful viewing so look away now if you're of a weak deposition.

Nope, didn't think you would.

Luckily, most of these injuries left the victims unscathed (we think...). Not so these poor buggers featured in our injuries of the season submissions.

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Good lord McLuvin' was lucky to get back round to his feet on this one, it had the added drama points given by the fact this resulted in a fractured McRib mere weeks before the 'Lympics. Cue lots of huffy faces and McWincing to camera, but it still ended up with him taking the McBronze medal back to Canada. Gangsters 'suuuuuup....

Although he managed to walk away pretty much unscathed, Seth Hill had the scare of his life speed checking this monster of a jump. You can see the POV footage here, gnarly doesn't quite do it justice. All the more impressive that he got back up and slayed it afterwards though.

"I'm sick of all these motherfucking kooks in the motherfucking landings!" said Samuel L Jackson at some point, probably. It is about the worst thing you can do in a snowpark, but after the slew of video this winter of just that happening it must be more common than a front 3.

Thanks again to YoBeat for originally posting this, but no more please, except...

Ahahahaha! Children being mown down is apparently funny now? At least according to our web stats - this was one of the most popular videos ever on WL. Cue endless debate and a fair few know-nothings claiming the guy should have checked the landing first. Honestly...

Mega slam from the UK's steeziest rail rider, coming up short on an absolutely massive kicker. Andy Nudds did kill it in the rail comp at the same event however, of course.

Original vid from Jim Stewart.

Absolutely brutal stack from Albin Hjellström at the opening of this, complete with the resulting trip to hospital. The Swedes are a hard race, groomed in the icy parks of the north, so a few stitches to tie his lips back together ain't no thang.

Little known fact, in every resort spring puddle there is a scorpion lurking, though they are rarely seen. This rare beauty raised it's head out of nowhere to claim the unlucky victim, only to vanish once more afterwards, leaving no trace. Aside from the destroyed rider that is.

Our favourite rider of recent weeks, it's Coonman! Though is it technically a slam if the outcome is pretty much pre-decided? Or some kind of beautiful artistic acceptance of the inevitable shortness of human life?

Who cares, it's bleddy gnarly!

The slam that broke a thousand hearts - many fans had high hopes for Torstein Horgmo in Sochi, a rider's rider if there ever was one. Many blamed the supersized course for his snapped collarbone, but on close inspection it was probably down to operator error. Shit one, but he's back riding now and steezier than ever.

If you're going to take a slam on the world stage, it might as well be a good 'un like this. Sarka Pancochova caught a belter of a heel edge in Sochi, KOing herself instantly and smashing her helmet to bits in the process. The went and competed in the pipe too. Absolute boss.