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We love Tim Eddy, if you haven't heard of him before you should have. He is one of the simplest, humblest and funniest snowboarders out there right now. From his Pow 'n' Chow snowboard cookery web series to his hand built forest eco-house, he is the epitome of the good time, fun lovin' snowboarder that handily comes with great environmental credentials. We couldn't be more stoked that last month he finally became pro for K2.

You can always spot Time Eddy on a pow day. Photo: @wedrinkwater

Plus he wears awesome hats, all the time. In much the same way that way back in the past (ten years ago) the now ubiquitous Thug Rug was known as the humble 'punter warmer,' Tim Eddy is bringing back the 'shit comedy ski hat' to the height of fashion again, and doing so single handedly at that.

So, seeing as next year these pieces of headwear will be a common site in the next round of hyper-cool jib vids and park edits (you laugh, but who could have predicted the fisherman hat craze?), here's a handy guide - neigh a tribute - to the crap cherry on top of every ski dad's head: the Shit Hat.

Still doubting? Look how much better this laid out backy looks with the addition of a trailing 'Wee Willy Winky' cap. Remember - snowboarding is not serious.

[part title="The Jester Hat"]

jester_comedy_ski_hat (2)

We'll start off with a classic shall we? The jester hat: no one know's why but every literal bell-end you've ever seen on the slopes comes with one of these pre-attached, maybe so you can spot them early on and steer well clear.

jester_comedy_ski_hat (3)

They come in many sizes and shapes, but all are terrible. We really don't see the point... Geddit?

[part title="The Dreadlock Warrior"]

Dread_dreadlock__comedy_ski_hat (3)

We've all seen these before, it's hard not to as each faux dread streams behind in the slip stream of every snowblader.

Dread_dreadlock__comedy_ski_hat (2)

It's hard to tell exactly why these were invented in the first place - a desperate attempt to get some of the Jamaican rasta cool, or maybe an accolade to the humble squid. We'll never know.

Dread_dreadlock__comedy_ski_hat (1)

As we delve ever deeper into the world of shit hats, we will find the odd spine-chiller. Just so you're warned, here is the first:

The Predator

[part title="The Tuft"]


Another classic, 'The Tuft.' Even with its ubiquity, it's origins are still a mystery. Who knows why someone would willingly dress themselves like a cross between cheese left in the fridge too long and a troll doll?

The 'Old but still got it' Tuft

[part title="The Mohawk"]

mohawk_comedy_ski_hat (3)

Helmet coverings also come under the shit hat banner, and though they will try none will come close to the popularity of the helmet mohawk.

mohawk_comedy_ski_hat (4)

Hairy or rubbery, you actually can't go on a ski holiday without seeing at least fifty of these abominations littering the pistes and poking each other's wearers in the eyes as they turn.

mohawk_comedy_ski_hat (2)

Sometimes when choosing their headwear, shit hat affecionados can't choose between the many options. Witness some next level crap hat mash up skills below:

mohawk_comedy_ski_hat (1)

[part title="The Fun Helmets"]

As much as people need 'em, no one actually like wearing a helmet, especially children. Thus, helmet accessories were invented as a way of making them 'fun.'

_comedy_ski_hat (1)

However, for some limiting this particular avenue of must have accessories seemed foolish. Some inventive entrepreneurs came up with adult versions - we have to thank the dailymail.co.uk for this 'gem':

The Russian Billionaire

Another warning next, don't scroll down if you happen to be eating. Here's one for the ski dads:

_comedy_ski_hat (4)

[part title="The Stoner"]

weed_comedy_ski_hat (2)

If you feel you need to advertise that you're still almost constantly stoned well into your thirties by use of ganja leaf emblazoned headwear, you probably don't. People have a way of knowing these things already.

[part title="Animal Hats"]

Animal_comedy_ski_hat (7)

One of the all time greats, plus within this category there is of course a plethora of choices to go with. Do you go with cute....

Animal_comedy_ski_hat (2)

...Or (misguidedly) sexy?

Animal_comedy_ski_hat (1)


Animal_comedy_ski_hat (8)

...A bit creepy...

The Rasta Chump

...Or just downright terrifying?

Animal_comedy_ski_hat (4)

[part title="Cartoon Hats"]

Cartoon_comedy_ski_hat (1)

Similar to the animal hat, but used more as a badge of pride for whichever cartoon/video game character you treasure the most whether its a new school fad like above, or a retro classic like below:

The Magic Mushroom

Here's a new, awesome interpretation of the Thug Rug:

The Home-Skinned Thug Rug

And here's something we'd quite like to bleach from our mind's eye:

Cartoon_comedy_ski_hat (5)

[part title="The Realm of Fantasy"]

fantasy_comedy_ski_hat (2)

Of course, why choose some shit animal from actual reality to adorn your bonce? There are plenty of made up creatures to keep your forehead warm, some are even beloved characters from childhood:

fantasy_comedy_ski_hat (1)

Some are childhood fantasies to relive:

fantasy_comedy_ski_hat (3)

Or nightmarish variations thereof:

fantasy_comedy_ski_hat (4)

[part title="Knights"]

knight_comedy_ski_hat (3)

This micro-category actually came as quite a surprise during our 'research,' a piece of headwear with all the horrible styling of a medieval helmet but with none of the protection of one.

knight_comedy_ski_hat (2)

[part title="The Terrifying"]

There are no words for the following. Brace yourselves.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

[part title="The Indescribable"]


There are a couple we found that utterly defy any category...


[part title="The Warwood"]


...and finally this. This deserved it's own page as much as Tim Warwood deserves his eternal place in our hearts.

As ever, if you feel we've missed nay please don't hesitate to send us example of other shit hats in the box below!