You may have seen it a few months ago, this cringe worthy video was posted online by American high school student Carly Monzo, asking Shaun White, El Blanco himself, on a date to her school prom. At the time we didn't share it because, quite frankly, we thought it a little irresponsible to air the hormonal emotions of a teen to the world...

Well how wrong were we? Last weekend - with help from the school in question - Mr White turned up suited and booted to not only chaperon Ms Monzo but played a mini set with his band the Bad Things.


It seems to have given her quite a thrill, as her social media posts show, but it now opens up a whole new world of opportunities for Shaun now that he seems to be finished with snowboarding.

Village fete needs an host? Get online and ask him to come down. Got a library that needs opening? Make a video and send it to Shaun. He'll join up for literally anything these days it seems.