Sage Kotsenburg has exploded into the American consciousness; not only do they love an underdog but they seem to love this underDAWG more than most.

And who could blame them? He's the snowboarder's snowboarder, so the media get to feel cool and all 'down with the kids,' plus he's funny as hell; he left the Jimmy Fallon production crew a note after his appearance on the show last week, claiming it was him that gave Bob Costas 'pinkeye.'

He even come's complete with his own catchphrase, 'Spoice,' plus he's pretty much a deadringer for Chad Kroeger from Nickleback so the American public won't get too confused, they can just file him away under 'blonde badboy.'

No surprises then that his name has started to crop up all over the place, but in a bar in Deer Valley, Utah?

It may be close to his home resort of Park City, but the reason this drink - called the 'Kotsenburg Park City Gold' - grabbed the internet's attention is that Deer Valley is still one of the few resorts worldwide that doesn't allow snowboarders to ride.

Boo! It's one thing to ban us from a hill (it's probably shit anyway and Park City is plenty of fun already) but c'mon, don't then go and capitalise on snowboarding's success.


The best bit? Sage is still only 20, so couldn't technically drink in the bar anyway!

Chad Kroeger