After Scott Penman and Ed Leigh went tete a tete on Wednesday over whether wearing a helmet should be compulsory (note compulsory, not advisable or sensible) we picked out the best (and weirdest) comments and responses from both sides of the coin.

The overwhelming majority were advocating using a helmet, some taking a reasonable approach, sharing personal experiences (click to enlarge):

Screenshot (15872)
Screenshot (1589)
Screenshot (1586)

But some were just getting right to the point:

Screenshot (1592)
Screenshot (1582)2

After what happened to Schumacher... whilst he was wearing a helmet?

'I'm not a *blank* BUT...' Is always a good way to start a debate response, and also apparently a great way to get creepily hit on over the internet. We particularly dislike the 'overly-personal-tongue-out' smiley.

Screenshot (1580)

A few people made the good point that mandatory use would be hard govern properly, given the technical difficulties of getting all equipment up to a reasonable standard:

Screenshot (1585)
Screenshot (1587)

Some people seemed to agree with Scott, pro-skateboarder Stefani Nurding getting involved:

Screenshot (1581)

Whist others definitely didn't:

Screenshot (1592)2

Thankfully, a fair few seemed to get the concept that there are at least two sides to every debate (click to enlarge):

Screenshot (1589)2
Screenshot (1590)
Screenshot (1582)
Screenshot (1583)

But some just rambled on - this was a particular favourite:

Screenshot (1588)

But of course no helmet debate would be complete without a Ruroc owner chipping in. There's a bit of text missing from the middle, but we're pretty sure it was meant to read "...and it's the first friend I've ever had!!"

Screenshot (1584)

So after being presented with all side of the debate, what do you think? (Yes it is more nuanced than this, but fuck nuance: this is the internet!)