rad dad

Snowboarding is growing up - there's no doubt about it. And as our contributor Pingu recently asserted, in metaphorical years it's got to be reaching its mid-twenties by now...

So it might not be such a big surprise that there is a now significant proportion of the pro community who - as well as finding time for snowboarding - have graduated into that role of 'parent'. Take Capita ripper Kazu Kokubo for example - who just in the last few weeks has joined the hallowed ranks of snowboarding's 'Rad Dads'.

Unlike aspiring Rad Dads who scream 'EXTREME!' when they turn their cap back to front - these guys actually have a history of radical feats to support their claim to that title. And - partially inspired by our sister sites' 7 of the Coolest Mums Who Ride - we thought we'd round up a selection to give credit where credit is due.

So here they are!

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kazuhiro kokubo rad dads

With a heritage in learning how to snowboard from his own father - and having already taken young prodigy Ayumu Hirano under his wing, we'd say that Kazu is pretty well placed should he choose to raise his newborn in the snowboarding arts. But if anyone expects him to do things by their rules - they're probably in for a shock...

heikki sorsa rad das crop

Finn favourite Heikki Sorsa has been doing snowboarding the right way for a good long time now - and we can only imagine he's got the handle on this parenting gig too. Either way - imagine growing up knowing your dad did this:

dcp rad dads crop

YES snowboards co-founder and keen surfer (see above) - DCP has had a long and diverse career in snowboarding - and, no stranger to tackling new challenges, he seems to have happily incorporated family life into the the mix now too. As well as joining DCP in his sideways sliding endeavours, it isn't uncommon to see little cameos from the clan in the more recent videos out of the YES camp - like at the end of his YES Influences vid below:

jussi oksanen rad dads

Jussi Oksanen may have recently retired from the pro-snowboarding show, but you've got to give it to the man, he went out on a high (see below). With a consistent presence across the changing faces of snowboard movie making - he's credited with bringing buttered take-offs to snowboarding's central conscious and has been a huge influence throughout his 15 year career as a pro.

Backed up by the support of his English wife - he's come out the other end with two sons - and hopefully a bit more time to sit back and enjoy it all.

gigi ruf rad dad crop

Baby-faced Gigi Ruf may not look it - but at 33 he's now officially in the realm of 'grown-up'!

Running Slash snowboards and bringing up a family, while putting out amazing snowboard parts is no mean feat by anyone's standards. But so far he's lived up to that Futureproof prophecy - and we don't doubt he will continue to going forward.

terje haakonsen rad dads

Oh and this:

romain de marchi rad dads crop

If you remember last year's YES Missions: The Pillow Search - you may well be aware that Romain De Marchi is another member of the YES crew that doesn't mind getting the family involved in video cameos - and when he's not adding another tattoo to the collection, it looks like he's happy to bring the kids out for a few laps. Not so much camo on show these days - but that helmet's pretty Vivid:

devun walsh rad dad superheroes mgmt

We're still revelling in what Devun managed to put down on film in just six days (see below) - so however much of that talent has passed on to his parenting - we're sure the family's doing good.

xavier de le rue rad dads

Xavier De Le Rue has an uncanny knack of getting away with many things none of us would consider (the costume below being just the tip of the iceberg) - but when it comes to Dads with a real sense of adventure - he's got to be high up on the list!

From dropping some of the steepest lines going, to shipping off a whole crew to Antarctica, there's no doubt he's got the chops when it comes to extreme snowboarding - but he's still not above taking advice from his kids, which is nice.

xavier de le rue
marko grilc rad dad

Slovenian snowboarder Marko Grilc may spend a good amount of his time touring the world for Grilosodes - but it's good to see he's got room in his luggage for those mini Grilos.

Of course we're kidding. Despite the feasibility of actually fitting the little one in his pack, this was a joke - we hope!