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The snowboard entries are pretty chill... Photo: Rudi Wyhlidal

You may or may not have noticed, but our in-house creative agency - Prime & Fire - have been taking entries for a pretty exciting film competition: Selects.

Basically, there is a shit ton of money up for grabs - £10,000 for the overall winner with nine runners up each taking home £2,000 to spend on the project they've pitched to us and P&F.

There are a whopping 118 entries covering almost every action sport imaginable, we've picked out the snowboarding ones for your viewing (and voting) pleasure

After months submissions, they are now finally all available to view online, a whopping 118 of them! They cover pretty much all the bases in action sports, and whilst we can't promote individual entries we do want to show you all the snowboard-based film pitches.

So sit back and enjoy the entries from the current crop of snowboard film makers. Feel free to give your favourite ones a cheeky vote by heading over to the Talenthouse website, or to follow the link below and view all 118 pitches. The one with the most votes will win a bonus £500 to go towards their film.

Talenthouse Selects

[part title="Jamie Nicholls - Will Nangle"]

Olympian Jamie Nicholls and filmer extraordinaire Will Nangle are teaming up next season in the hope to bring you a documentary based on the Yorkshire lad's career as a snowboarder, following him all the way from the Halifax dryslope to wherever his jet set lifestyle takes him next winter. Check out their full pitch here:

[part title="Lewis Sonvico - Morgan Cope"]

Morzine based Lewis Sonvico and Morgan Cope have teamed up once again to gun for the top prize, offering a step away from the ultra-high definition visual world the industry is headed towards, instead pursuing simple shots and Super 8 footage to show you the life of a year round snowboarder in Europe.

[part title="Jamie Barrow - John Williams"]

Self-styled 'Britain's fastest snowboarder' Jamie Barrow has enlisted the help of his long time filming friend Jon Williams to shoot his next stunt - becoming the fastest snowboarder to get town by a plane. Whether or not that is an existing record ready to be broken we're not sure, but it's bound to entertain.

[part title="Into The Big White"]

Adam and Charlotte are a British couple about to move to Canada, the former on a snowboard instructor course and the latter hoping to continue her career in radio on a different continent. They'd like to document their experience to share with you, so if you'd like to see more head over and vote.

[part title="Blunt Edges"]

These three folk from Norfolk are hoping to secure the funds to follow in the footsteps of Standing Sideways and This Is Britain by inspiring the next generation to keep up the dryslope traditions of the UK. Best of luck to them.

[part title="Booby Trap"]

We're not exactly sure what's happening here, but it's unlikely that Booby Trap master John Weatherley does anyway, so it's probably OK. Gangster kids and the usual random movie clips sown in abound, but the Booby message is as clear as always: Snowboarding Is Fun.

[part title="Definition: Snowboarding"]

Definition: Snowboarding is a high end snowboard doc by Matt Devino aiming to answer the question 'What is snowboarding?' For some this is the definition of talking in shred flicks taken to its logical conclusion, but with a cast that already includes Nic Sauve, Danny Davis, Jesse Burtner, Curtis Woodman and the legendary Shaun Palmer amongst others it should be good fun. Even if it doesn't get any funding here it'll still be out in the autumn.

[part title="LegitFilms - Untouched"]

Slovinian backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Epic powder. 'Nuff said.

[part title="Snowskating"]

The hobby that won't die. Apparently there are still people that think falling off an uncontrollable skateboard and spending hour after exhausting hour digging through bushes to find it again is a fun day out. There are two snowskating entries, you can watch them both here.

[part title="Bonus Entry: Jonny Pickup's Race to the World's End"]

Yup, this ain't snowboarding but it's still sick. And it's directed by UK rail-riding, hair-growing Jonny Pickup: a stalwart of the current British scene and member of the Rome Snowboards UK team. Apparently his brother Ed is an extreme endurance cyclist (which sounds horrible) aiming to break a world record by cycling the length of South America in 40 days. Seeing as most people take six months and the current record is 60 days, this is a tall order for family Pickup, but one that would be very interesting to see indeed.

That's it for the snowboarding, but there are heaps of skating, surfing, tree climbing, mud wrestling, parkour and biking short films to pique your interest, so head on over to the Talenthouse website and get stuck into some awesome clips!