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Every four years we're not only treated to the spectacle of the Olympics, we also get to witness the mainstream media scrabbling around desperately trying to keep up with the coverage of sports they have know nothing about; kind of like if Whitelines reported on the summer Olympics dressage.

Some of it's cringe, some of it's downright nasty, but mostly it's pretty hilarious. We've chosen our top ten moments from the Olympic press for you; if you saw any more yourselves feel free to send 'em in.


[part title="Possum Torr's Tinder Habits"]

Possum on the course!

There's nothing the Daily Mail loves more than the opportunity to get the wrong end of a joke; whilst searching through athlete's Twitter accounts - in order of most attractive - one lucky researcher stumbled across Possum Torr jokingly bemoaning the lack of Tinder-ers in the Olympic village.

It seems so far that not many Olympians use tinder.... Just wanna match with the Jamaican bobsled team

— Rebecca Possum Torr (@PossumTorr) February 2, 2014

Luckily she kept her sense of humour, even re-tweeting the article:

@DailyMail oh my lord.. Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha I'm loosing the plot at this

— Rebecca Possum Torr (@PossumTorr) February 9, 2014

Silly Daily Mail...

[part title="Guy-in-the-sky Shots"]

A collection of the best guy-in-the-sky shots of Billy Morgan

Admittedly YoBeat did get the scoop on this, but we after spending the Olympic week trapped in a shed with the Whitelines photo editor screaming at every photo from Getty Images to grace our screens we feel it must be said we've had enough of the 'guy-in-the-sky.'

Jamie Nicholls, as shot by Sky Sports. Pipe or slopestyle? We forgot...

It's how press photography is taught, if you're not exactly sure of what you're shooting then get in close! Never mind a bit of research, like looking at some past Whitelines covers, a real photographer needs nothing but his instinct.

[part title="Dangerous Syrian Border"]

We thought Jenny Jones was from the West, Country, not a threat to it?

Thanks to The Times for this gem, Jenny Jones pictured along with the headline 'West faces new terror from Syrian border.' We thought Jenny was from Bristol, not Syria...

Another reason to not call it boarding...

[part title="Dweeb On The Beeb"]

Fail from The Mail

We've already shared this particular piece of toilet roll on our Facebook, but it just about gets away with another share if only to rehash why The Daily Mail was first printed, according to Chris Moran anyway.

The Daily Mail newspaper was originally conceived in order to count the number of cunts in the kingdom. The figure is printed on the front under ‘circulation’.

[part title="Slopestyle Course Hysteria"]


When the press started to arrive in Sochi there can't have been much going on. Bored and hungry for a story they turned to the new event at the 'Lympics, slopestyle.

Evidently freaked out by the size of the jumps, journalists started to jump on any suggestion the course might not be safe, ready to heap blame on the Russian park crew. When Shaun White dropped out blaming the course they went into overdrive, but as we all know now the course was great, playing host to one of the most impressive and progressive slopestyle competitions ever.

Sage Kotsenburg probably put it best when he said:

[part title="Our Editor on Jeremy Vine"]

Not exactly the golden age of radio journalism

One of our highlights of the Olympics full stop stop was getting to hear none-other than our editor, Ed Blomfield, getting interviewed on various local and national radio stations after Jenny Jones' medal. This culminated in an abysmal spot on Jeremy Vine's whinge fest, Radio 2 desperately trying to claw five minutes out of the story.

Sadly now deleted from iPlayer, the best bits included 'What's the point in snowboards?,' 'How do you get uphill?' and 'How do you jump?'

Radio isn't dead.

[part title="Guardian Funding Issues"]

Sean Ingle column

An event hasn't happened until the Guardian prints at least three different opinion pieces on it: one extolling its virtues, one dismissing it as a waste of taxpayers' money and one that's a recipe for flan loosely based on the story.

Whilst some writers seemed to love the snowboarding, "youthful boarders framed against brilliant blue skies in dazzling sunshine to a soundtrack of Fatboy Slim," but others had less positive views. Never mind that Jenny's medal was one of the 'cheapest' ever for UK Sport, Sean Ingle had to weigh in and decry pursuing winter medals it as a waste of cash. Yawn.

[part title="Bacon Medals"]


The problem with winning a medal is that after you get the medal the story is over. An American press freshly enamored with snowboard slopestyle was left struggling with ways to carry on the Sage coverage, but as he doesn't have a majorly exciting back story other than having tons of fun as a kid.

Luckily for them the Spoice master just loves to chat so every phrase that came out of his mouth or Twitter account, including his 'wish for a bacon medal.'

Print isn't dead.

[part title="Telegraph Coaching"]

photo (7)

If you can get hold of a full size copy to read, do. This wasn't a bad piece other than the bit that ruined it for us.

Morgan's performance was more questionable. When the British taxpayer is funding the slopestylers... to travel the world and have fun to the tune of £1.5 million, the deal is two-ended as any of the successful British summer Olympic sports would remind them... Their culture of having fun brings a new twist to the old traditions of Pierre de Coubertin.

[part title="And an Honourable Mention for The NY Times"]

Danny Davis in the NY Times, once again showing the world that snowboarding is about more than medals.

An honourable mention must now go to the NY Times for their piece on Danny Davis and Greg Bretz written after the men's halfpipe finals. Although they might not have got the lingo down to a tee, they perfectly captured the real spirit of snowboarding to a non-core audience. Well worth a read.