Art galleries have a bad rep as being fusty, dusty and boring. But not all of them are. Who wouldn't want to see an art gallery with rad displays like this?

Neon Daze & Winter Waves is the name of the exhibition held in Los Angeles last month. It featured 17 handmade powder boards with shapes designed by famous surfers, snowboarders and other sideways sliding creatives.


It's the brainchild of artist Mike Parillo, Corey Smith (founder of Spring Break Snowboards) and gallery Asymbol who wanted to revive the original design of 1980s powder boarders - from swallow-tails to those inspired by old skool skate decks.

Mike and Corey with their rough shapes. Photo: Ben Birk

Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi and surfer Gerry Lopez are among the riders who designed these colourful sticks with proceeds going towards environmental charity Protect Our Winters.


You can admire them on Asymbol, a gallery set up by Travis Rice himself after he couldn't find artwork he really like to put on the wall of his house. A totally rad idea. We'd love one of these on our wall.

Can you ride these boards? The answer is errrrrr, yes! But sadly, they're nearly all sold out now...


After all, unusual shaped pow boards are all the rage right now. Just check out the ones we spotted at this year's IPSO and our in-depth piece in Issue 108 about the future of board design.