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Whether you see it as a blight on the art of photography or you're as addicted to it as Jack Mitrani, Instagram is definitely the place to track pro riders.

After all, they spend their lives scaling Chilean mountains, tracking sketchy couloirs in Alaska and hanging out with other pro riders. Who wouldn't want to see what they see?

We've pulled together some of the raddest shots featured on some of the top pro rider's Instagram feeds. Just a warning, you'll be suffering from serious life envy after a good scroll through these...

N.B. Some do look a little too good to be true, so we've tried to select the ones most obviously taken on a phone. But hey, we're not the Instagram police...

[part title="Jake Blauvelt"]


Deep in Northern BC with @shayneposs @ejackshreds. Damn good day boys! #jbnaturally

A peek behind the scenes of Jake Blauvelt's recent shred flick, Naturally. All I have to say are two words: those lines. Just another day in the office for the backcountry slayer...

[part title="Jamie Nicholls"]


Such a good day up in the Mountain today! Kaunertal was fun now to Saas Fee for a day with @salomonsnowboards @samturnbull1 #snowboardeverydamnday

Most Brits don't have the best Instagram feeds because, well, we live in the rainy UK not California or the Swiss Alps. But Jamie Nicholls is one such exception. Yeah, he's a spends his life constantly on the road - but this looks like a pretty nice road.

[part title="Xavier de le Rue"]


Nice steep couloir entrance at @thenorthface #backstyler by @swatch kids loved it! Snapped on @gopro

OK, so this one was taken on a GoPro for sure - but we thought we'd make an exception because the POV from this snap is crazy as! Would you drop into that?

[part title="John Jackson"]


Can't wait to get back to AK! #Photo taken by @ejackshreds with his #iphone

This iPhone shot of John Jackson pretty much blew our socks off - his brother E-Jack should have a second career as a photographer. The new Adidas team rider can stomp airs of his own, but it seems he's pretty good at capturing them on his iPhone too!

[part title="Annie Boulanger"]


You complete me. @hadeslife @nikesnowboarding @anon_optics @dakinenews @salomonsnowboards

This is one of our favourite banger shots from queen of the backcountry Annie Boulanger - capturing the heli/snow spray in full action. Amazing timing!

[part title="Gigi Ruf"]


Re:gram from @nikesnowboarding of me giving the drop-in sign. Photo by @fukin_a_wright #doorsoff #tenthousandlikesalready

He may not have snapped this himself but it's a seriously epic shot of charger Gigi Ruf about to drop this sheer vertical face. Just look at the grip on that toeside. Rather him than us...

[part title="John Jackson... Again"]


@travelindian on the hunt #palisades

Crazy drop-offs work well with epic POV shots like this. At least you can see the escape route, right guys?

[part title="Kjersti Buaas"]


Amazing "pow day in Treble Cone yesterday... Such a spectacular view from the top! #grateful #snow #snowboarding #activities #mountains #lakes #roxy @roxy #gopro

If a single image had the power to make you to book a riding holiday right now, this would be it. Empty pistes, blue sky in the horizon and a view like that.... take us there now!

[part title="Marie France-Roy"]


One of many views from our early in the dark morning split up! Epicness at #GAH with #mariadebari @robinvangyn @snowboardermag @thelittlethingsmovie #splitboarding #stoked!

She may hit 900s in the park and slay pow pillows like no other, but it seems Marie-France is also a bit of an artist. A landscape like this in Golden, British Columbia needs no description. Just enjoy.

[part title="Travis Rice"]


And finally, this trippy snap by Travis Rice of fellow rider Rich Goodwin levitating. Work that one out.