Jack Mitrani is no stranger to the lighter side of snowboarding - and if you listen carefully when he's in the commentary booth - you'll often find a treat or two, as with this prime example from this weekend's US Open.

Could we start to see more events where the snowboard stylings are accompanied by live musical commentary?

Now, credit where credit's due, Jack pulled off some pretty smooth freestyle in accompaniment to Xuetong Cai's halfpipe run - and it got us thinking whether there's further legroom in the singing commentary field.

Could we, for example, start to see events where the snowboard stylings are accompanied by live bands singing commentary by the side of the pipe? A smorgasbord of genres that fuses seamlessly with the stylings of the riders on the hill.

Xuetong's run here was comparatively mellow - so would an iPod stonker of a pipe lap require something more in the heavy metal vein? Or would you just start with acoustic jams in the preliminary rounds - and then build the intensity and volume as you move towards the final?

Either way we reckon it's got to be on the cards soon, especially as Big Air events move towards festival-challenging musical line-ups. Surely someone's going to pick up with the idea and run.