We have snow blades, we have dual snowboards, we had ski ballet... PGS, snowmobile long jump, snow shoeing; the list is endless. There is no limit to the amount of crap sports humans seem able to come up with in the cold.

Even established winter sports can be pretty abysmal, curling anyone? It seems inventing shit to do to prevent getting so bored you freeze to death is a sport in its own right.

But fear no longer! THIS will take some beating: Ice Cross Skate Park. Think the bastard child of fruit-booting and crashed ice, the worst aspects of roller-blading mixed with Jackass-style fat suits; just no. The bar has been lowered once more, what terrible way of looking as un-stylish as possible will humankind come up with next?

There is one way this could be improved, the Norwegians had the right idea when they came up with biathlon: take a fairly dull sport like cross-country skiing and add guns! Think how much better this would be to watch with the addition of a few firearms...