Val and Tim are two surf and snowboard enthusiasts from Belgium and their new idea could possibly be the best invention to come from the Flemish Kingdom since the Tintin comics, or the museum of chips: an American schoolbus kitted out with beds, living space and a kitchen that will drive you to wherever has the best conditions for riding powder on that day. Introducing: Lets Be Nomads.

Sounds ideal - ski in ski out accommodation (the bus can pull up and stay overnight in the nearest car park to the lifts, for instance) with as much of a guarantee of scoring fresh tracks as you're ever going to have on a one or two week holiday.

A potential fun bus. Photo: We Are Nomads

Snow all tracked out in the resort you're in? Just hop back in the fun bus and they'll whisk you away to another mountain instead! With three pick up points through the season - one each in France, Austria and Switzerland - there's always a chance you can get that ultimate day of the season. Plus, they also plan to run the bus down the west coast of France/Spain/Portugal in the summer for those with a thirst for surf.

And, even better, the whole project will be completely carbon neutral - all emissions will offset through


How do you reserve yourself a bunk in the bus? Right now the guys are running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the last few funds needed to get the project up and off the ground, but it's also a handy way to book a place NOW. Spots are going fast so be sure to check it out soon.

And seeing as Whitelines are proud media partners, there's a chance we might even see you out there on the bus, stoked! If fact the whole project put our editor in mind of a classic British snowboard movie, Day Tripper, featuring ex-WL editor and current columnist Chris Moran, Danny Wheeler and friends touring the States in a very similar bus. If you needed any more convincing, this is it:

For more info go ahead and check out their website.