Before stomping along to the London premiere of Snowboarding For Me, we sat down with Terje Haakonsen at Oakley HQ to discuss all things shred. As always, the man had a lot to say, and you can hear about what he thinks of urban gaps and snowskates in a future instalment. For now, though, here's his two cents regarding the competitive side of the sport.

[related_articles]It's a subject he's very familiar with - perhaps overly so - but he was obliging enough to go over the key points once again. Who's benefiting from the current setup? How much power do the riders wield, and how much can they yield? What can we learn from how other sports do it? And how much of a problem is it when the best halfpipe rider in the world is happy just doing his own thing?

He's coming from a very different place to this recent article, and as such has some different opinions. Is he right, though? Have a watch of the video and let us know in the comments below.