Where’s home for you?

Austria, Thalheim where I grew up and Innsbruck, where I live now

What got you hooked on snowboarding in the first place?

Our skiing teacher asked us if we wanted to try snowboarding and it was amazing. I got hooked by the feeling of how you ride the board down the mountain.

When you were growing up, did you find snowboarding through your friends, or did you find friends through snowboarding?

Both. I found snowboarding with friends and friends through snowboarding

Talk us through your perfect day on a snowboard.

An endless day of treeruns with my friends and a nice dinner and a party after

What’s the best thing about your lifestyle?

Getting to know the world through snowboarding

Who are your heroes (non snowboard-related)?

My sister, my parents, my closest friends and anyone who stands up for their rights and everyone who makes the world a better place

What’s your worst habit?

Eating out of the Nutella jar with a knife… I guess that’s not my worst habit

Who’s your ideal man (or woman)?

The ideal man or woman is just a fantasy.

Who did you film with this year?

I filmed for the movie “Stance" [which you can watch here] and I got also a part in the La Famiglia movie “Serious… not"

What is your plan for the season that’s just starting?

For this season I wanna go filming and shooting and do maybe some contests. Right now some friends of mine are working on a new filming project, so that should be really fun to do. I hope we get a lot of snoooow.


Park or pow? Pow

Frontside or backside? Method

Kicker or cliff drop? Drop

Baggy or tight? Baggy and tight

First lift or last orders? First lift

Band or DJ? Band

Surf or skate? I love surfing, I can just cruise on a skateboard, but I admire skateboarding

Sean Connery or Roger Moore? Roger Moore

Chocolate or alcohol? Chocolate

Snowboarding or sex? Snowboarding = love

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