Kaitlyn and a snow-monkey - before the snowballs started flying...

For the latest in our series of mini-interviews with the Nikita girls, we caught up with the woman of the moment, Kaitlyn Farrington. Having come out of almost nowhere (at least as far as European comps are concerned) this uber-talented US pipe rider won the gold medal at the European X-Games in Tignes! Not only that, but she beat Olympic gold medallist Torah Bright and Check out her world-beating run here, and then read this revealing interview on being a pro, never riding for herself and preferring chocolate to booze...

Where do you feel most at home?

In Salt Lake City, that’s where my cat and house are.

When did you first step on a snowboard?

When I was in 7th grade, I can still picture the kids laughing at me from the chairlift. Scary to this day!

How often do you get to ride purely for yourself these days?

For myself, I don’t even know what that means! Sad but true. Maybe when the contests are over I can go soul shredding!

Name one great thing about being a pro snowboarder

Living in the moment!

Name one rubbish thing about being a pro snowboarder

Nothing, some days might be different but there is nothing truly bad!

C'mon, what's the worst thing about it?

Little beach time...

Who do you look up to outside of snowboarding?

My roommate Casey, cause nobody takes advantage of her! And if you think you’re having a bad day just take a second and go talk to Casey (Scruffers); she will tell you about bad day.

What’s your drink or drug of choice?

Is this a trick question? Well I do love my cranberry juice...

What projects are you working towards this year?

No project. Just ending out the contest season.

Tell us a funny story.

Well last year Kelly Marren and I went to see snow monkeys. You might say we got bored and threw some snowballs at the monkeys. One got a little pissed and jumped at Kelly and I... we ran away screaming like 5 year olds!



Park or pow? POW

Frontside or backside? Backside

Kicker or cliff drop? Cliff

Baggy or tight? Tight

First lift or last orders? Last orders

Band or DJ? Band

Surf or skate? Surf

Sean Connery or Roger Moore? Roger Rabbit

Chocolate or alcohol? Chocolate

Snowboarding or sex? =


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