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Snowboarding - just like every one of its participants - started on the flats. Almost every beginner learns how to turn on groomed slopes (and in the UK's case, on dryslope), and it's often on that same incline that they start off down the path towards freestyle: learning to carve, pop, butter and spin.

Snowboarders have progressed onwards from using Instagram as a new way of nicking photographer's images - these days it's a fast and easy way to get stylish and progressive tricks re-Grammed and shared across the globe

A few years ago when the snowboard industry was turned over by the explosion in popularity of rockered boards, the tech meant it became much easier to simply land and/or travel down the hill on your chosen plank. Now, with traditional camber and wider, directional boards coming back to being 'in', carves and flatground manoeuvres are all the rage.

Meanwhile, our brothers in the world of skateboarding have been embracing the Instagram craze like no other sport - it's almost every day that a new flip-in-flip-out variation is posted by Luan Olivera or a new NBD no-comply (skateboarding's eurocarve of the moment) is shared around the online universe.

All of that means that now snowboarders have progressed onwards from using Instagram as a new way of nicking photographer's images, these days it's a fast and easy way to get stylish, progressive and accessible (don't forget fashionable) tricks re-Grammed and shared across the globe. Now is the time of the Insta-carve.

Scroll left and right with the arrow keys to see some of the best carves, butters and flatground tricks posted on Instagram.

A video posted by Alek Oestreng (@alek_oestreng) on

One of the latest and greatest - when this hit the internet late last week it set imaginations ablaze like no other trick has in a long, long time. Eurocarve to nollie-frontflip-back-180? Hand spring to backside underflip? Who cares what it's called, it's fucking cool.

ABD MegaMO p: @seansryan @nitrousa @homeschool @blindsideboardshop @snowboardermag

A video posted by Zeppelin Zeerip (@zeppelinzeerip) on

Hot on the heels of Alek Oestreng, lanky West-coaster Zeppelin Zeerip (yup, definitely the coolest name in snowboarding) followed up the carve-flip (we'll call it that for now) with this similar, but more corked-out version.

a few quick clips of dylan gamache surfing the snow at @yawgoo. #dylangamache

A video posted by yawgoons (@yawgoons) on

One of the dudes that kickstarted the whole resurgence in edge control courtesy of CAPiTA/Spring Break's goliath-sized Tree Hunter board featured in the clips above, as well a mind-boggling amount of skill and creativity from Gamache himself. An awesome example of when a great board meets its perfect match.


Zake Hale here courtesy of Sage Kotsenburg's Instagram, definitely taking inspiration from Yawgoon Valley, but demonstrating just how good the medium is for spreading ideas around the world and stepping up the switch backside carve with a cab 270 in.


Who needs a slopestyle course - or even a side hit - to throw 1080s when you have the energy of a fifteen year old and the unholy ability of Markus Kleveland. Yeah, that's right: 1080 pretty much off the flat. Give him a side hit and look, doubles:



Zak Hale, again, this time with the ultimate skate-style flatground trick (if you read the intro to this piece that is)


Brage Richenberg gained fame for - amongst other things - his ability to chuck double wild cats off of knuckles, so it should be no surprise that he can throw a single one pretty much off the flat. Check out the rest of the latest Shredbots edit here.


Never let it be said that Bryan Iguchi can't keep up with the kids!