For a while Henrick Harlaut has been Whitelines' favourite skier; not only is he a pretty good foot swordsman but his attitude to competitive skiing just screams 'snowboarder.'

We've heard news of his upcoming competition, hosted with his best bud Phil Casabon and promising to be the most creative halfpipe set up of all time. And after a season of lackluster attempts from the snowboard camp (sticking a wallride in a pipe can't really be called creative these days) we have to hand it to them; skiing may have just won. Just look at the thing, its a beast...

Hips, bowls, extensions, tunnels and a god-damn loop-the-loop rail! Whilst freeskiing has long poached from snowboarding; grab names, tricks, fashions etc, could this be the first time that they've beaten us at our own game and gone one step ahead?

But wait, there's a kicker, and not one made from snow. Have a look at the picture below and tell us that Mr Harlaut isn't having some sort of joke at someone's expense. Come on, he's even gone so far as to add a Prince Albert at the drop in point.

The most creative pipe set up ever? Or a giant cock and balls?

Amazing work from the Swedish freeskier, and we're actually pretty stoked to see the how the competitors tackle the course. We can only imagine how snowboarding is going to respond to this next season...

Next year's Arctic Challenge course?