Ohhhh lordy... First there was the Bulldog, then Dual Snowboards, and now a reader's just sent us yet another snowlerblade-esque contraption threatening to infest a slope near you.

FatBlades are essentially snowblades that use snowboard boots and bindings. Check out this video (the only one on their website that actually works):

Don't get us wrong; we totally understand why people would want to ditch ski boots - those clasp-covered torture implements are one of the main reasons we turned to snowboarding in the first place - but this really isn't what we would have thought anyone's next step would be.

Mind you, there are clearly enough people out there who see these as a good idea; the FatBlade Kickstarter raised more than double its CAN$10,000 target, and that was without even selling any of their 'Corporate Edition' models (yours for a mere $3,500 investment).

Perhaps folk were swayed by their Kickstarter Video, complete with power ballad. Or maybe it was the 'Why FatBlades?' page on the site - here are just a few of our highlights from that:

  • "Dare to be different! Fatblades give the rider a new and exciting way to descend all types of mountain terrain"
  • "The shoulder wide stance you adopt while riding your Fatblades is bold and aggressive"
  • "Tricks, turns, twists and pirouettes are very easy to learn"
  • "They elevate the rider to the level of the snowline which means the rider surfs cross the top of soft snow."
  • "In the snow-parks they are short, compact and agile making them great for tricks and stunts."

What do you think? Is there a place for FatBlades on this list? Let us know in the comments below.