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The perils of having excellent facial hair. Photo: Lib Tech

The end of the season is now in sight. For many, this means some epic beards are well and truly underway. Three months of little grooming and a well-deserved embrace of all things slovenly can create some facial hair masterpieces.

Whether you're a beard or a moustache kinda man, it's a real achievement. Your mates who can only manage grow a few bits of wispy bum fluff are seething with jealousy. Everyone thinks you look like a boss. That is until you get home and your girlfriend makes you shave it all off.

We love a good beard here at Whitelines. To celebrate the furry-faced riders among us, we've put together a collection of pros with the best beards and 'taches around. Who do you think comes out on top?

Think you've got facial fuzz to rival these guys? Send a photo to nina@whitelines.com or via Facebook and we'll include the best ones on the site!

[part title="E-Jack's Manicured Monster"]

So great, we included it twice. Photo: Adidas

"It's like a weed, dude. You don't even have to water it, it just sprouts!" said E-Jack about his beard last winter. He's not wrong. That thing seems to have a life of its own, it's bigger every time we see it.

There's definitely some good trimming going on there, some nice even coverage and a decent density. All in all, it's topping our beard charts.

Check out his Lib Tech edit from last year here to see it in its full glory.

[part title="Pierre's Vaultier's Triangular Goatee"]


Is that small animal on his chin? Nope, that's French boardercross rider Pierre Vaultier's rather shapely looking goatee.

We first noticed Monsieur Vaultier's chin decoration when he crossed the boardercross finish line and won gold at Sochi. "Wait a second, what's that furry thing on his... Ohhhh!" Possibly the most distinctive and well-groomed in our collection.

[part title="Danny Davis' Shaggy Covering"]


Danny Davis may look like a cross between Russell Brand and the dude from My Name Is Earl, but you've got to hand it to the man - his whisker growing ability is nearly as good as his podium results. A bursting medal cabinet and insane facial style? It's enough to make you weep with envy.

Weirdly, there's another Danny Davis out there - an American politician - who also has a "complicated relationship with his facial hair". What are the chances?

[part title="Billy Morgan's Facial Transitions"]

Billy showing up his Ben and Dom in the face fluff department. Photo: Tristan

We couldn't go without including one of our own homegrown beard-growers. Mr Morgan has long been mastering the art of good facial hair - from the 'tache focused days of 2013 to the soft, supple depths of the midi-beard he was rockin' in Sochi (above).

Keep up the good work, Billy!

[part title="Frank April's Split Tone Wonder"]


Beards are weird things. Sometimes they come out in a different colour than you expected. I've seen even the most brown-haired of men appalled to find their beard grows into a surprising shade of ginger.

Frank April has the same problem with brown locks and black shaggy beard, but luckily for him it's not orange.

[part title="Forest Bailey's Frenchman Moustache"]

Photo: Ian Coble/Red Bull

Forest Bailey has what can only be described as a "wee Frenchman's moustache". The kind you could twiddle between your fingers and pretend you are Victorian Industrialist.

Ordinarily the trademark of perves and chemistry teachers, Forest actually manages to pull it off here in a very respectable way. Props to him!

[part title="Honourable Mention: Canadian Bobsleigh Team and Anton Grimus"]

Photo: @justincripps

We had to give these guys an honourable mention - the Canadian bobsleigh team who decided to collectively sport beards at Sochi 2014. They may not be snowboarders but that's team spirit if ever I saw it.

And, for some reason, ski cross dudes seem to have some unreal facial hair. Australia's Anton Grimus is definitely up there.

Most likely to be Justin Bieber in disguise, according to Yahoo