ebay snowboarding

Ah Ebay - the den of dreams.

Around this time of year, tonnes of us flock to its bargain laden cavern to seek out deals, gifts and gear to kit us out for the coming winter. The internet equivalent of the Black Friday Riots goes off in silent - a heated war where potential victors battle it out to bid on the best items out without leaving the comfort of their homes - and who can blame them?

No doubt the 'snowboarding' section of this arena will be familiar to many of you - boards, boots, bindings and a whole host of other items fill its walls - and for those in the know, it can be a budget snowboarder's best friend.

Nevertheless - for every legitimate deal, there's a trap. Those Ebay con-men blindly sabotage the otherwise noble re-shuffling of snowboarding possessions - armed with plastic, an insufficient knowledge of categorisation, prices pulled out of a hat, and a handful of keywords. It's a free-for-all afterall, and don't they just know it.

This is 'snowboarding' according to Ebay:

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Ebay_Snowboarding_0000_Gnu Impossiblle

Gnu's 2014 Impossible A.S.S Pickle could be the best snowboard on the planet - but the pricing would still be a tad wayward here. This year's model is going for £629.99, so that £120 mark-up for last year's ride just don't make no sense!

Ebay_Snowboarding_0002_snow scooters

One to make the inner skater in any of us shudder. Not that we anticipate these'll be taking over snowparks anytime soon...

Nevertheless, when you have to scroll through 20 identical listings showing these to get to the next legitimate snowboard, hell hath no fury!

Ebay_Snowboarding_0013_odd accessories

Not once have we come across an Ice Axe in the snowboarding section - but still this Black Diamond Axe Protector found its way in... reckon it's lost?

Ebay_Snowboarding_0018_vinyl skins

An honourable attempt rejuvenate old boards - but equally a questionable investment in our books. £40 quid for a big sticker of some Lichtenstein art? Or you could just put that money back in the piggy bank, wait it out, and end up with more to put towards that next whip.

Ebay_Snowboarding_0011_really good ski boots

These poor lost ski boots. Surrounded by snowboards, and so low in self esteem that they're only going for 99p... At least they've put a brave face on though.

Ebay_Snowboarding_0001_Trans Basic Boots

We'll give it to you - when we actually went on the listing for these boots they were actually £62 - but no doubt some poor (rich) sod has actually come across a similar listing and forked out the cash, just to see why they were worth that much. It's a major defect in today's 'you get what you pay for' shopping culture - stay informed out there...

Ebay_Snowboarding_0012_skating santa christmas cards

One of our favourites - the 'Santa skateboarding in the Snow' range of Christmas cards. Complete with captions "Frontside 180 Nosegrind to 180 Out", "Glad You Dropped In", "Santa Cruise", "Santa's Flipped" and "Grindin'".

Tenuously linked to snowboarding itself - but we couldn't bring ourselves to hate it with that much pure cliched cheesiness.

Ebay_Snowboarding_0010_plastic snurfers 2

The Snurfer gets reinvented all the time - we know this. Some are better than others - we know this too. But there are still those trying to cash in with a poor sledding-style cheap plastic equivalent.

Potentially alright for kids on a rare snow day - not exactly what we're looking for when we want a new deck.

Ebay_Snowboarding_0016_wooden sledges

Another snow-day favourite casually slung onto the 'snowboard' pile in its masses. Unfortunately, this childhood classic is another space-filler in the annals of ebay's archives.

Ebay_Snowboarding_0017_tech sledges

For the kid who has it all - we guess this is technically a board that goes on snow, it just has a whole bunch of additions to make it look fancy.

Back in our days we just used those plastic disks...

Ebay_Snowboarding_0019_skate tools

If you've ever used an allen key or a wrench to adjust your snowboard set-up please feel free to set us right, but we reckon you'd be hard pushed to adjust a set of bindings with this...

Ebay_Snowboarding_0015_excellent descriptions

Admirable sticker work - and by all means a better use of £40 than a Vinyl Snowboard Skin. You've got to love when people get carried away with their listing title. Also, how short do you have to be to consider 140 a longboard?

Ebay_Snowboarding_0006_plastic snowboard

The 'Slider Glider' features the latest in snowboard tech - and at that price, it's surely a bargain!

Seriously though - people have actually done some impressive shit on boards like this.

Ebay_Snowboarding_0004_foam snowboards

We've actually used similar boards to this for mini trampoline sessions - and maybe its not the most misplaced item here.

But baseless bindings with a foam construction? With the rate groms are progressing at these days, you'd think they'd at least product tested it on pro line kickers...

Ebay_Snowboarding_0009_furry boots

Not gonna lie, that's a bargain.