When Shaun White bombed out of the Olympic halfpipe final last month, the big question on everyone's lips was: what's he gonna do now?

We suggested that maybe he'd take a break from riding to focus on his music career. It seems that apart from a brief stint teaching snowboarding, we got it bang on.

While everyone else was at the US Open last week, Shaun White was playing with his band, Bad Things, on Jimmy Fallon's TV show.

So, what's the music like? Well, it's not as bad as we initially thought. In fact - we have to admit - we might even be starting to like it. Just a tiny bit.

What's interesting is Shaun definitely isn't trying to hog the limelight here. Frontman David LeDuke steals the focus of attention off the golden boy - particularly when he starts rubbing blue paint over his face (yeah, we've no idea why he does that either..)

Does Shaun mind not being the leading man for once? Not in the slightest. In fact he seems totally content plucking away at his guitar in the background, as journalist Micah Abrams says in his ESPN article. Good on him, he looks like he's enjoying himself.