will gilmore 2

With young rippers like Will Gilmore already demonstrating picture perfect frontside boarslides, it's as good time as ever to discuss the great purveyors of this style-defining manoeuvre...

Still, it doesn't take much for a room full of snowboard nerds like us to start flapping around tasks like trying to name the owner of the best front board ever, which is exactly why we've spent all day arguing about it.

Of course there is no real answer to who's is the 'best,' that's all subjective. But this is snowboarding and you should know that by now...

Anyway, after a lot of debate and some executive decisions by yours truly, here's a selection of the owners of some of the best front boards. Not the best, some of the best.

Surely y'all will have some opinions so feel free to share them below.

The search for snowboarding's 'Animal Chin' is over. Although he comes across as a cross between Sinbad the Sailor and Tim Westwood, he is a snowboarding legend and should be treated as such.

One of the OGs he still has a mighty front board in his arsenal. Maybe back in the day it was a bit zeachy by today's standards, but that doesn't take anything away from it, as his part in The Resistance above will attest. All hail JP.

Oops... I may have just said 'JP Walker' and 'zeach' in the same sentance, I can feel the wrath already...

If you're gonna include JP, you have to include JJ. Watch the video above from 4.56 and you'll see how much he's been schooling us for so long.

Yup, he may be controversial, but a front board like that is as a good a peace offering as we're gonna get.

Louif has a pretty sweet front board in his quiver. Don't believe me? Just skip to 1.30 in the video above. But don't. The rest of the video is sick!

Even with a mustache that wouldn't look out of place in a Operation Yewtree line-up, he still looks good going backwards on a rail. Check out how much control he has through that savage kink, crazy no?

He might look out of place in a stacked line up like this list, but lets face it, Gus Engle would look out of place anywhere... The gypsy king of snowboarding, he's one of those guys who probably never had to learn to snowboard, he always could.

Check out the one at the end of his opening line; it's not a classic front board, but the reason I choose this one is that it - like the rest of his riding - it always makes me smile. How many riders can you say that about?

The older of the Helgasons is on our list not just for how stylish his fronties are, but also for how versatile this trick is for him.

Just watch his Real Snow part from this year to see what I mean; front board redirect to back three, hand drag to front board to 2-7 out the a front board to front board rail transfer. Bam, that's a lot of front boards right there. Plus, that's one hell of a backlip round the curve. Luck of the Icelandic indeed.

I'm strongly of the opinion that, in terms of style at least, girls have the potential to be even better than guys when it comes to rail tricks. Luckily Orla Doolin exists to back me up, she has a peach of a frontside boardslide, plus an equally sick switch version.

You can see both of these as tricks two and three in the edit above. Don't stop there though, the rest of the clip is full of bolts and hammers. Yeah Doolin!

Check out 1.10 in Jess Kimura's part from 'Defenders of Awesome,' still one of the best snowboard movie titles ever. Is that the front board you were looking for? Yes Jess, yes it was.

Like her padawan Orla, she has a monster switch front board too, go seek out her part in 'Never Not' to see what I mean.

ollie dutton front board

Maybe one of the best British front boards? Classic style from Ollie Dutton, and he can put it down some gnarly shit, see last year's Grindhouse movie for evidence.

This is exactly the kind of photo that should adorn school textbooks instead of the classic guy-in-the-sky method shot. Now who do we contact about that?

eero ettala front board

Not only can Eero Ettala chuck an impressive frontside boardslide, he can put it down over, under and through pretty much anything; it's unstoppable

Just have a look at the ender from his Real Snow part in 2013: yeah it's of the switch variety, but doesn't that make it even more insane?

keegan valaika front board

Someone, I can't remember who, once said that all you need for a career in snowboarding is a photogenic front board. Wise words.

Not that that applies to Keegan Valaika, he has so much more in his bag than just that one trick. But damn, it's a goodun'

Who's front board floats your boat? Tell us in the comments section below.