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Xavier taking a near-vertical ice waterfall on our issue 99 cover. Photo: Tero Repo

So, we were watching the new series that goes behind the scenes of Jeremy Jones' gnarly new movie, Higher this morning. It got us thinking about some of the mental lines riders have accomplished. Jezza's shredded some seriously gnarly faces in his time, but he's not the only one. Xavier de le Rue, Emelien Badoux, Johan Olofsson are just a few of the freeriding big names who've blown audiences away with their mental ability to drop the world's steepest, craggiest, gnarliest faces and touch the bottom unscathed.

There may be a hint of lunacy behind those goggles, but man are they entertaining. Prepare to be gobsmacked.

[part title="Emilien Badoux - The Search Is Everything"]

There's no doubt about it, Emilien Badoux rips. It's no wonder he came 5th place in the Freeride World Tour last season when he can carve mental lines and drop pretty sizeable cliffs like these! The whole edit is sick, but check the crazy line from 1.28 onwards. Those sketchy black rocks...

[part title="Johan Olofsson - TB5"]

You see that tiny dot on the horizon making the most beautiful S-shaped lines you've ever seen? Yep, that's Johan Olofsson in this classic part from TB5. So insane it's still blowing minds today. Skip to 3.04 for the most mental line ever - it just goes on and on and on... Capped off with that crazy stat at the end. Amazing.

[part title="Xavier de le Rue - Freeride World Tour 2011"]

Remember this? Xavier de le Rue took the most mental line ever down the legendary Bec de Rosses in the 2011 Freeride World Tour. Any of you who've seen riders take it on before will know, it's literally just sheer rock. There's a fair bit of understandable hesitation before he puts it down on full throttle from about 1.10 onwards. As our contributor Mike said, it's like doing a maze live - really fast on a 50-degree vert with a high possibility of breaking a limb. Check the heavy double drop at 2.12. This man is another level.

[part title="Xavier de le Rue - This Is My Winter"]

Just to hammer home exactly how nutty Xavier de le Rue is, we've included his off-the-hook film from last season, This Is My Winter, where he takes on this INSANE pretty much 90-degree ice waterfall (from 5.35 onwards). You've got to watch it to see how he gets on. It's nail biting stuff. The POV shots just go to show how mad you've gotta be to take lines like Xavier.

[part title="Jeremy Jones - Ready"]

We couldn't go without including Jeremy Jones back at his absolute prime. His full part in Ready goes to show why this man's got the global reputation he has today. Check his line from 0.55 onwards, it's pant-wettingly good. Just the sheer speed he blasts down that face is nuts. The camera can hardly keep up. Make sure you also watch his part in Draw The Line - well worth it, it you've never seen it.

[part title="Jason Robinson - Dopamine"]

Before this season, we'd not much of Jason Robinson. Now the Lib Tech rider from Montana has blasted onto the stage with this banging full part from Absinthe's latest movie Dopamine. His line from 0.48 is super fast with some hair-raising drops. We're looking forward to seeing more from this dude, he's damn good!