In the pages of Whitelines, Bob Gnarley continues to how us how it's not done. In 2014/15, art imitates life for the most part as Bob gets himself into some very familiar situations. Take a look:


You may not have had as much use for a blow-up sex doll, but during the off-season there's a chance you've felt like Bob does here.


All the gear, no idea: Bob becomes one of the first riders to splurge at the gadget shop in a misguided search for quality footage. Sadly, he wasn't the last.


A one-off venture out of the print mag and onto the webisphere for BG here - inspired by this particularly ludicrous Friday Find, he couldn't wait until the next issue to get involved...


In a rare showing of "generosity" Bob (or should that be Bobo?) shares his season part with the masses. Not that they asked for it.


For the Photo Issue, it was only appropriate to show BG's own dabbling with the still image - on social media, naturally. Where exactly are all those likes coming from though?


Spare a thought for Mr. Gnarley here - turns out he beat Travis Rice and that skier guy to 'The Crack' (even if it did result in something resembling Wile E Coyote crossed with Itchy & Scratchy).

While Bob's drones clearly weren't up to the task, we did manage to get an exclusive look at Travis' footage...


That's a wrap for another season of Bob Gnarley - we're sure we'll see that tit again soon.