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New for this season, more Red Bull madness

This image of Red Bull's next competition venue has been making the rounds today; everyone's getting stoked for it's hammer dropping potential when the riders are unleashed on it at the end of the month.

Red Bull are claiming the double halfpipe is a world first, but many of you seem to disagree; whether it is or not one thing is for certain, halfpipe designs have never only been just about who can build the most perfect stunt ditch.

Check out a few of these wacky pipe concepts and tell us what you think. Have you got any boundary-breaking designs just waiting to get put down on paper? Send 'em in!

[part title="Danny Davis' Peace Pipe and Park"]

If you haven't seen this yet, you should. In 2012 Danny Davis and the Burton crew set up the 'Peace Pipe' in Northstar, essentially a halfpipe with bits missing a extra features added. The next year they returned with the 'Peace Park,' both of whicch can be seen in the film above.

The idea was to break away from the straight X Games/Olympic halfpipe format and to see what could be done with a no-holds-barred approach to pipe building. See for yourself, they built and shredded a killer feature!

[part title="Bonfire Pipe to Pipe"]

Every year at Mount Hood, Bonfire host their 'Pipe-to-Pipe' contest which has not one, but two twists. Firstly it's a two-sport contest where the riders are judged on their pipe riding during the morning then their skate park skills in the afternoon.

Secondly, the pipe is not your average U-ditch; the transitions are usually combined with rails and pipes, plus in this one you can see an earlier version of Red Bull's double pipe, just in miniature.

[part title="Arctic Challenge Quarter"]

Not exactly a halfpipe, but it has enough transition for at least two! Bigger is better, at least according to Terje Haakonsen, so when they built the various Arctic Challenge quarterpipes in the noughties it should come as no surprise that the final incarnation managed to send the man himself 9.8m above the coping. No one has gone higher since.

The Arctic Challenge will be back this year and according to the organisers will attempt to bring the true meaning of 'free style' back to halfpipe riding; we can't wait to see what they come up with.

[part title="Cubed Pipe"]

The usual skiing warnings apply, the above video features no snowboarding.

Now we have that settled we can start on what it does feature; one hell of a weird pipe. Freeskier Simon Dumont had the idea of getting a run down so precisely that the parts of the pipe he didn't use could simply be cut away.

Sounds quite simple right? Except that meant when he was 20 feet above the pipe it actually became almost 50 feet above the icy flat. It also made things doubly tricky mid air, as not only was he a pant filling fall height above the ground but the walls of the pipe that he normally uses as a guide were gone. Amazingly, he's still alive.

[part title="Torah Bright and Danny Davis' Elite Trainng Facility"]

Not exactly a groundbreaking pipe in terms of design, but we could resist putting it in there. After 'rumours' of Shaun White's private training pipe in Perisher began to surface, the more social Olympic pipe contenders including Danny Davis and Torah Bright flew to Mt Hutt to hand shape their own.

Whilst the one in the video above won't break any design boundaries or height records, it does show all you need to have a good time in the pipe are some good 'frends'. Aww.....