It’s the weekend, which means that most of us will spend at least one evening (or hungover morning) glued to the box. But instead of Routinely Prancing on Jungle Factor or the Hollyoaks omnibus, why not fire up Netflix and dig out one of these titles?

There’s a decent selection of shred-related stuff, ranging from big-name blockbuster releases to overlooked curios – and everything in between. A bit like the rest of the Netflix catalogue, then…

Here’s what’s on offer in the service's UK version:


It was inevitable, really – the biggest-budget snowboard movie of them all has been snapped up by the streaming service. Brain Farm’s epic follow-up to That’s It That’s All takes in nightmarish Patagonian misadventures and next-level backountry booter sessions - all in insanely high-quality format with mega-mo abound. While we wait patiently for Travis Rice's next project, this will do nicely.

Watch this when: you want to drop the jaws of your non-snowboarding mates.


While his movie may not be quite on the scale of TAOF, Jake Blauvelt certainly had a lot to work with when filming his movie Naturally. Friday Productions spared no expense, crafting a high-quality epic complete with top soundrack, endless pillow lines and appearances from the likes of Kazuhiro Kokubo, Fredi Kalbermatten, Shayne Pospisil and Eric Jackson. There's also enough globetrotting to satisfy Michael Palin, and plenty of chin-strokey 'what snowboarding means to me' moments from Jake.

Watch this when: you've just booked a high-season trip to Powville.


Not specifically a snowboard film, this masterpiece from Volcom covers the worlds of skate and snow too. With no rider names, you’ll have to be pretty clued up on all three sports to know who’s doing what at any given time. However, that’s not what True To This is about. The disciplines blend together seamlessly, with the whole movie smacking of Veeco’s unique style from the shots to the soundtrack.

You may agree with Dan Brisse in thinking that the juxtaposition with surfers and skaters makes snowboarding look soft, but the riding of Brisse, Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi et al is still pretty epic.

Watch this when: hanging out with fellow sideways-standers.


We’ll say this about the outfit that is Sherpas Cinema – they do things their own way. Whether or not that’s a good thing is down to your personal taste; how does it feel to learn that this movie has a "written by" credit?

Strange narratives and dizzying camera moves are abound in this surreal, baffling effort that's part-shred film, part-arthouse flick. DCP, Benji Farrow and Xavier De Le Rue are among the riders who appear at various points in its 82-minute running time.

It’s maddeningly pretentious at times, not least when Benji finds himself having to embrace his inner thespian while dozens of clones shred the pipe around him. The segment is titled "Confront The Shadow", which isn't wanky at all...

Warning: contains skiers.

Watch this when: tripping balls, probably.


Essentially a chilly remake of Casablanca, this daft comedy features a lot of stunt casting (Lee "Six Million Dollar Man" Majors, model Victoria Silvstedt) as well as a couple of folk who went on to become genuine comedy royalty (Alan from The Hangover, Champ from Anchorman).

It has some decent shred credentials, too: Tara Dakides and Devun Walsh are in it as themselves, Todd Richards plays a paraplegic former boardercross champ, and a lot of the riding footage comes courtesy of the Forum team (then in their heyday). And even if you don’t enjoy it, just be glad that you haven’t just pissed away an hour and a half of your life watching Frostbite...

Watch this when: just back in from the pub.


This one clocks in at a whopping 1 hour 39 minutes, heavy on both Norwegian (with subtitles) and skiing. While Andreas Wiig points out in the intro that we're truly living in a post-Apartheid world, Terje Haakonsen just can't help himself: "You can have fun whatever you're on, but if you have the opportunity, it's more fun to stand sideways..."

If it's just a quick fix of shred viewing you're after, skip to the closing kicker section to see Stale Sandbech tearing it up - as well as Terje busting out one of his legendary methods.

Watch this when: you want proof that snowboarding shits on skiing.