Is this the beard you were looking for?

We at Whitelines have sometimes been known to poke the odd bit of fun at snowboarding - just occasionally - including but not limited to Shaun White, the X Games, snowmobiling, Shaun White, GoPro wearers, Austria, ski hats, Shaun White... The list goes on.

Most people - thankfully - get the joke, but many keyboard bashers don't, pounding away at their laptops in frustration, accusing us of bullying and hating, screaming into the bottomless void that is the endless scroll of Facebook comments.

But we'd never actually pick on someone out of spite, after all we're a long way from being the cool kids of the industry. Again the vast majority of readers get that and appreciate it for what it is, just a bit of fun that - just like snowboarding - shouldn't be taken seriously. At all.

So what a relief it was to find a company that not only is based on a bit of a joke (woolly beards) but can also take some well-intentioned ribbing and roll with it: Beardowear!

After we re-posted an old article on naff accessories last night along with a picture of their product, they responded with a quite frankly brilliant piece of marketing:

Screenshot (766)

Amazing work, and we're so glad that there's obviously a bit of humour left in the snowsports industry. All hail Beardowear and relish their 15% off sale, the weirdos. Keep it real and keep it stupid, god knows snowboarding needs it sometimes.