dylan thompson in the landing

It's not just park kickers where the landing is potentially dangerous.

As one skier found out the other week - the trick is just the start, and if you're not carful you could find yourself skewered on a tree, a car, or any number of post-stunt obstacles.

And even when you have nailed the shot - it can still be a buzz-killer to say the least. Struck down in your moment of victory - so focussed on the task at hand that you don't check that the path ahead is clear.

Taking the 'don't stand in the landing' phrase into the urban landscape doesn't quite work in the same way - we've got a few key examples when riders forgot to check with their buddies, or just didn't see the secondary threat.

So treat your Spotter well - they could save you from one hell of an afterbang...

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The blind corner is up to it's old tricks again here.

Thankfully Scotty Stevens has his wits about him as he skids out on the icy road, and manages to tuck his legs out of harm's way.

Unfortunately there's very little here separating his chosen spot from a path frequented by motorised vehicles, so maybe they just need some kind of Wayne's World audio signal to help out..

'Game On!'

Hell of an impact on this one. Poor Darrah Reid McLean takes the hit in a more immediate collision - and the driver doesn't even stick their head out the window to see what's going on - the self righteous prick.

Possibly they were just so stunned by the sudden appearance of said lady-shred that they temporarily lost their ability to act like a reasonable human being. Benefit of the doubt?

Hands in the air - Eddie (or somebody at least) probably should have spotted this young lady coming down the stairs.

For starters she would have had to walk directly past him when he was setting up to go, but an earlier warning shout from the cameraman probably would have helped too.

Good granny dodging skills though, in the end...

Taking it down a step - and Ludde Lejkner gets a shout out here partly because this ender is so rad, and partly because it shows the rail to road proximity pretty well.

He is a little bit close to that car though, right?

Even the humble playground slide is at it when it comes to snowboarder post-rail punishment.

Joe Sexton here is all ready to launch into his State of Mind edit when this unassuming upright trips him up like the cowardly kid who's trying to get in with the school bullies.

Leave Joe alone - let him do his thing.

Another brutal hit that will have stuck in the minds of many of you - Jess Kimura gets completely blindsided here by a tree, just as she's looking up and starting to ride away.

Unfortunately, unlike some saplings - this one's pretty firmly set in its ways, and doesn't look like it's going to move for nobody - not even Danger Pony.

In the middle of a murderous spree in his breakout IP2 part, Dylan Alito comes across an obstacle that just won't retreat.

No matter how hard you try, any amount of knife slashing won't get rid of a river full of 'Booty Water', but by all means go ahead and give it a try...

Less of a case of not-knowing the risks, more of a semi-calculated one here from Dylan Thompson.

Fortunately thanks to his high-vis jacket (and presumably the distractingly high standard of riding) Dylan gets spotted on his path towards the road - and one of the better parts we've seen in recent years isn't cut gruesomely short. Phew...